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Saying Goodbye To Autumn


This past week we said goodbye to Autumn one of our Silkie Bantams. She died unexpectedly.

Early last Thursday morning, I opened up the coop and found all of the girls happy, giddy, and excited to greet the cool fresh morning air. Then later around 10 am. I saw Autumn laying in the corner of the run. She was not moving. Dolly was near, seemingly curious about her sister and friend.

I opened up the run door and scooped up Autumn. She was lifeless. I dusted her off. The flock was curious too. She was of good weight and her feathers were gorgeous. Fluffy, shiny, everyone was perfectly in place. Her eyes were clear. It was as if she had just went to sleep. There were no signs of her cause of death. She was 4 years old. She lived an almost average life for a hen. She had stopped laying eggs about a year ago.

I decided to bury her in the shade garden near the hostas and the blue hydrangeas. I dug a hole- a very deep hole about two and a half feet deep. I didn’t want any predators to dig her up. I placed her into the hole and said a prayer for her and thanked her for her beautiful eggs, her spunky attitude, and for being such a sweet girl. Next year, I will place a hosta where we buried her.

Autumn Leafhead (can you tell the kids named her) was one of those girls who didn’t prefer human contact. She much preferred to be with those like her. Little did she know, or us for that fact, that she touched all of our hearts. She will be greatly missed.

Photo Credit: Tilly’s Nest

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  • MaraKL

    So sorry for your loss. T&Ps to her hen sisters as well.

  • What a beautiful tribute to Autumn. I lost one of my Easter Eggers to the heat a few weeks back. Maggie was a very sweet girl.

  • Oh I'm so sorry 🙁 RIP sweet Autumn.

  • I know Autumn had a very good chicken life with your family. I am very sorry for your loss. 🙁

  • It's so hard when this happens. I lost three to individual circumstances earlier this year. They have names and are our pets, so I feel for you. Lovely tribute to your girl.

  • So sorry. I feel your pain too; it's so sad to lose our loved ones. God Bless.

  • So sad. It's some small measure of consolation that she seems to have died in peace, among her girlfriends, out in the fresh morning air. She looks like she was a spunky girl.

  • I'm sorry sounds like she had a great life thou

  • So very sorry, Miss Autumn is a beauty. Reading your tribute brought back the loss of my first two girls, last August. I'm about to cry because I wasn't here with them I don't know what happened, if I could have prevented their deaths, if they were happy, digging for worms or dust bathing. I had never left them for one day in someone else's care since I received my day old chicks almost 11 months before. It may be a small consolation, but I'm glad you knew she was well that day, you took care of her and you didn't let her down.

  • I'm so sorry about Autumn. Take comfort in knowing she had a great life with you and your family. It's still so sad to lose a pet.

  • How sad! I'm glad you'll plant something beautiful on her grave.

  • Very sorry for your loss of beautiful Autumn! We lost our 4 year old pet quail in a similar way and it really hurt. I love birds!

  • Ahhhh, so sorry for the passing of Autumn!! She sounds like a very good hen!!! But glad that she'll be missed!! That means she was loved!

  • Rest in peace Autumn Leafhead. She was a beautiful girl.

  • Anonymous

    So sorry for your loss, and I loved the post of her special qualities. All our chickens have something special to share don't they? sorry posted 'anonymous', I couldn't figure out how to post the other ways, and it is late. Tabatha of the PPChickens.

  • Anonymous

    what a beauty! i am happy to hear that you have had some closure. I also think it's so beautiful and fitting that Autumn Leaf made her transition at the height of the turning and falling of the leaves on the Cape. sending you love ~ Debbie McD