DIY Spiderweb Doormat

October 1, 2014
spiderweb doormat

Happy first day of October! This week, I wanted to share a sweet spiderweb doormat that I made for HGTV Gardens complete with its very own spider! I thought that this would be a fun way to greet trick or treaters and fall’s guests.


The materials were inexpensive. I found the mat at Home Depot. The rest of the supplies are from the craft store. It came together in just a couple of hours, including drying time.

Here I am adding the final touch! A creepy black spider to really make this webbed mat feel lived on!


If you would like to make your very own spiderweb door mat, take a peek at my complete step-by-step tutorial over on HGTV Gardens.

Photo Credit: Tilly’s Nest

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3 thoughts on “DIY Spiderweb Doormat”

  1. Hi Melissa! Just want to tell you that you are heaven-sent! Two months ago my hubby and I moved to the countryside and our new {old} property came with 18 rescued chickens (ex battery hens). As a certified "city gal", you can just imagine how lost I am during the first few weeks. The love and affection I feel for "my girls" are more than enough to survive the challenges I had in the beginning. Some of my hens are very old and its gives me pure joy spoiling them with care and attention in the last years of their chicken lives after working so hard in their past lives. Your posts are very informative, practical and useful in my journey as rescued chickens keeper. Thank you so much for sharing! God bless you more!!!
    Mei Ann and the "girls"


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