Acorn Mason Jar Candle

October 22, 2014
mason jar candle Tillys' Nest

We spend as much time as we can outside, until finally the weather becomes raw, cold, and snowy. The acorns are abundant right now and the kids and I always love to collect a few to turn into crafts. As we gathered the acorns, we were plopping them into a found Mason jar in the garage, then it dawned on me- How pretty would a mason jar candle, look filled with acorns?


I’m not sure if you have discovered this spray paint, but it remains see-through and just applies a sheen. It’s called Tint-IT by Design Master and it comes in oodles of colors. Just a quick single coat does the job.


Once the paint dried, we filled it the jar with acorns, a glass votive holder, and candle.
If you’d like to make one of these mason jar candles, head on over to my post for HGTV Gardens for the entire tutorial.


Photo Credit: Tilly’s Nest


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