Giveaway: Sarah Hudock’s Lighthearted Art Trivet

One of my all time favorite chicken artist is Sarah Hudock. Our paths first crossed last year on Hug a Chicken Day, I have had the pleasure of welcoming Sarah as sponsor and have thoroughly enjoyed her artwork. Sarah is truly an artist whose inspiration comes from her own flock of chickens on her small homestead in Vermont. She captures chicken moments so perfectly and her color palettes are breathtaking.

Lucky for us, Sarah adds her delightful creations to outdoor tin signs, prints, cards, ceramic tiles, magnets and more . You can visit her online store at
I’m so excited to be the first to giveaway one of Sarah’s beautiful trivets. Sarah’s tile trivets are top quality and have been put to the test in my very own kitchen. The artwork is not decaled on. Instead it has been baked right into the trivet so your trivets and coasters will last for years.
Today’s giveaway is for the Chef Saucier trivet. Chef Saucier is ready to come home to your kitchen and be put to work. He will certainly be a topic of conversation at your next get together. I know mine is! You can check out over 30 different trivet designs and Sarah will even customize her art just for you. The best part is that everything is made in the USA. Here he is!

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  • I love all of Sarah Hudock's Lighthearted art!!!

  • I love these trivets, they are adorable! Especially the green one that says 'blessings' with the rooster.

  • Love the trivet you posted today. It would be so at home in my kitchen!

  • I like it ALL! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • The HOME trivet is my favorite of the chickens!

  • Yay Melissa! These trivets are near and dear to MY heart too, the quality and level of detail is just spectacular. Thank you so much, and good luck to all of you in the giveaway! <3

  • I can't choose love them all.

  • The trivets are all cute.

  • too cute

  • I like the Square Tin Sign: Garden Chicken Peonies one.

  • I really love the Square Tin Sign Blessings…so cute!! and perfect

  • I especially like the barred rooster and the laced hen trivets. Thanks for the chance to win something I can really use!

  • I love all of Sarah's work. Hope someday to place some in my home.

  • I especially like your "Chicken" daughter's married name if HENN, so I am always looking for things with chicken on them..

  • They are all great! But my favorite would have to be the Welcome Friends Sunflowers

  • I love the laced hen! Beautiful stuff

  • I Love "Bless Our Nest" tin sign for my mothers barn.

  • I love the tins and the decals, the most. I think I will be placing an order very soon. A wonderful site.

  • I love this site. I will be placing an order soon. So love the decals.

  • Oh my goodness I absolutely LOVE the Chef Patissier Trivet! <3 If I had some extra pocket money, I would so definitely buy it! :/

  • I think it is hard to pick one! All of her artwork is beautiful.

  • I love all her work.. SO SO hard to pick just one

  • Love her artwork.No matter what it is done on….

  • I love my tin Garden Blessing as well as my Wine oCluck print!

  • Love the roses one!! They are all great and beautiful work!!

  • I love her artwork!

  • I have the REAL FOOD set of 4 prints and 2 others….this is some fantastic whimsy and I love her stuff! And thanks to Sarah, I have found THIS blog! Win-Win!! 🙂

  • I like everything that I have seen that she does.

  • Love her work!

  • So cute! The chef is so gorgeous and whimsical !

  • I love your FB page, its awesome!!! I absolutely love Sarah, and the beautiful art she creates! This is Nancy, I don't know how to sign in other than with anonymous!

  • I already am in love with my car decals…this would be the icing on the cake! 🙂 Me, please!

  • I can make space for one of these trivets in my kitchen!

  • Most certainly can make space in the kitchen for a new trivet!

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