The Porches Inn

September 17, 2014

Hi friends!  Sorry I missed you last week, but I was away at Storey Publishing working on my book in person with my amazing team.(More to come on that!) For the blog hop this week, I thought that I would share some neat history about where Storey Publishing is located and where I stayed, The Porches Inn.

North Adams is nestled in a valley surrounded by beautiful green and purple mountains. I came in on the Mohawk Trail. This trail was used by American Indians as a trade route. It was gorgeous! I stopped on the hairpin turn and snapped a view of the vista for you.


Storey Publishing and the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (Mass MoCA) all reside in old renovated brick factories that are commonly found across New England. Built in the 1800’s these factories were first a printing company and then an electric company.

While there, I stayed at the most amazing New England Inn, The Porches. The Porches used to be row houses that where the factory workers lived with their families. It’s conveniently located just across the street. Today, completely renovated and connected by one huge porch, The Porches is just the most darling place that takes you back to yesteryear.

Upon my arrival, I was greeted by the sweetest resident kitty, Sabine. She was very busy and hardly kept still for a photo. She had things to do!

I could not help but be a lookie loo in the lobby. Vintage finds were everywhere. Right up my alley!


It was just a short walk to my room.


 Here is the back of  the inn.


My room was right across from the outdoor pool.


A hallway now ran between the two buildings. It was covered a glass covered atrium.
Here was my room. I snapped the pic on the last day. (I didn’t make the bed up all pretty like they did but I thought you might want to see it anyway.)
It was so nice to call this place my home away from home for a few days. There is nothing like feeling at home in a place hours away from my family. I could not have asked for a more wonderful stay.
Photo Credits: Tilly’s Nest


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