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DIY: Chicken Run Ladder

chicken run ladder
I love going junking and antiquing. It’s one of my favorite pastimes. Now that fall has arrived, I am constantly thinking of boredom busters (scroll halfway down) for the flock come the cold snowy weather. I came up with this clever idea to create a chicken run ladder.
Last time, exploring a flea market, I picked up this sweet ladder. I could see that it had good bones but was in very poor condition. The paint was chipped and the framework needed repair. I got to work and made the minor repairs. I had to add a few nails and screws to make it more stable. I also was unsure if this was lead paint. So, wearing a mask, I sanded down any flaking and then added a fresh coat of navy blue spray paint. Once dry the chicken run ladder was ready to put into place.
I tucked it into the corner of the run. This would provide the girls some fun, a high place to roost, and allow them some exercise. It would also allow some of my girls to escape from bullies.
I can’t wait to see who explores it next! For now, Tilly went first.
I love this girl! She is always so curious and sweet. It wasn’t long until the others followed.
I think I’m going to need to add another chicken run ladders soon.
It’s a great excuse to go junking.
Photo Credit: Tilly’s Nest


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