The Bouqs Flowers by Mail Giveaway

As promised, yesterday morning a Bouqs box arrived filled with the bouquet of my choice. I chose Confetti, a gorgeous array of colorful roses.

Straight from the volcano. The flowers went through customs. I could not wait to open them up. They had traveled all the way from South America to my doorstep. Hard to believe that including delivery the bouquets range from $40 to $75. I wanted to try the Deluxe- a $50 bouquet that included 24 roses.

I was greeted by this lovely greeting inside. How wonderful. I also discovered that they sent me 28 roses instead of 24! I opened up the box to find them safe, beautiful and just like you see below. I trimmed the stems and arranged them in a vase. A couple petals needed to be removed as the directions told me. Here they are!


Pretty stunning! I’m sold.
This company really is amazing and I cannot believe the quality for the price. Hands down, I would recommend them for any occasion, even a wedding. Cut out the cost of the florist by adding their gorgeous bouquets for your tables’ centerpieces. Send flowers for a birthday, Mother’s Day and sometimes just to say you care. In fact, I want to send YOU flowers! Enter below for a chance to win a $40 Volcano collection bouquet from me to you.~ XO Melissa

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Fine Print:  I was provided a $40 bouquet of my choice and I upgraded to the $50 version. The opinions are all my own. I have not been compensated for a favorable opinion. Tilly’s Nest is proud to be a Bouqs affiliate.

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  • I would order the "Desperado" bouquet 🙂 Lovely! Pam [email protected]

  • They are all beautiful!! I wish I could send flowers to my mom but she has passed so I think I would love to send them to my husband who has done so much for me 🙂

  • Absolutely beautiful! I

  • very pretty

  • I like "blockbuster" such pretty flowers!

  • Who would not love these?!

  • I would probably send them to my daughter.

  • They're beautiful!

    I LOVE the orange roses and the purple roses!!! (would probably send them to myself!) 😉

  • Pow, I would send them to my mom.

  • I'm very excited to discover this eco-friendly, sustainable company. I would choose Marshmallow and send them to my lovely mother.

  • I love all flowers but roses do make a beautiful bouquet. I would probably send them to my sister in-law. She's has alzheimer's. Thanks for the chance.

  • I love the Charmed, I'm Sure bouquet. I would send them to my mom. Her favorite color is purple and she'd love them.

  • I like the ladybug bouquet! I would send them to my mom…. or maybe myself 🙂 ~Amanda Lea (really hope I do not need to add my e-mail in my anonymous comment…. last time I did I got a lot of spam!)

  • I love Marshmallow! I would send them to my daughter-in-law's mother, she's having a difficult time with her health right now.

  • I like Lush Us and Firecracker, they are gorgeous! I would send them to myself as a special treat.

  • I would have a hard time choosing. Maybe the dragonfly calla lillies, or ladybug bouquet, or roses, or cotton candy… Think I will send them to my mom if I win.

  • Lovely! They are all beautiful!

  • So love this.

  • Beautiful. How I love fresh flowers!

  • My birthday is Saturday…I'd love flowers!

  • They are gorgeous! I love them!!!

  • These are gorgeous! I would love to send flowers to my Mom.

  • Anything in purple and I would send them to my friend.

  • They are all gorgeous. Too beautiful to decide!!

  • Your flowers are beautiful 🙂 I would LOVE a chance to win a bouq from Bouqs 🙂
    Smiles, DianeM

  • the bouq I would pick would be from C'mon Get Happy or Farmer's Market…and I know my parents would LOVE them 🙂
    Smiles, DianeM

  • Beautiful flowers. I love having flowers in the house, but I can never convince myself to splurge on myself.

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