My Favorite Summer Garden Products

August 4, 2014

I love discovering new gardening products and sharing them with you all. I get lots of inquiries from companies and today I though I’d share my favorites with you! First up is the Garden Well self-watering planter.

I love self watering planters as they cut down on hand watering demands in the summer and really help the blooms to grow lush. It’s also wonderful when you go away on vacation. Filled to the brim with water, the plants will easily survive your week away.
The planter set up in no time. This planter is unique from others, in that it has a wicking mat in the bottom of the water reservoir. I love that and love this planter. It is perfect for annuals, herbs, and even veggies! You can purchase one here.
Plant staking and ties are always in heavy demand in my gardens. Throughout the growing season, I am using ties to train vines on trelliese, hold up blooms, and stake vegetables. Global Garden Friends sent me some products for review. From early spring until now, I have had them in use.
The clips are very easy to use and versatile.  They are also strong enough to support a stem up to 1/2 inch wide. They work great on trellises or with garden stakes. They also allow plenty of room for the plants to grow. Here they are on the raspberry trellis.
I also enjoyed seeing these ultimate plant garden stakes. It was a complete why didn’t I think of that moment. These are fantastic and “grow” with the plants. They can support the weight of blooms and lighter vegetables. However, I did have to replace them for the tomatoes once their branches were heavy with fruits. Here they are holding up the asparagus ferns.
I would recommend them for use indoors as well on outdoor blooms such as foxgloves, delphiniums, lupines, asparagus ferns, orchids and the like. You can purchase the stakes here and the clips here.
Perky Pets also makes this awesome waterer for wild birds. I love it and the birds do too! Yes, we have plenty of birdbaths around the property, but they do get dirty and require frequent refilling. This one is different!
The holes in the top of the lid help with automatic refilling from rain! It stays much cleaner than traditional bird baths. It comes apart easily and once a month, I clean it with water and white vinegar.

Birds perch on the footings surround the feeder and drink from the tray.
I love that I can also put this out in the cold winter for the birds to drink from for a couple of hours before it freezes.You can purchase one here.
Photo Credits: Tilly’s Nest
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