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How to Act Like a Lady

One thing about keeping chickens is that they are always fascinating to watch. Between watching the older girls and the new little chickens, one thing is clear, these girls do not behave like ladies should. Through having a presence on social media, it has become all too clear to me that some women have forgotten to act like ladies. Sometimes, they act like….well… hens. It’s no wonder henpecked is sometimes a word used to describe the way women behave.


Learning from Hens Behaving Badly

Don’t peck first and ask questions later.

Don’t pick on those less fortunate.

Don’t gossip.

Whether broody or a bit light in the feathers, baring too much skin is never a good idea.

Don’t hog all the treats.

Don’t step on anyone’s heads (especially when they have just fallen asleep).

Keep the noise down.

Lice are never a good thing.

Don’t poop in the nesting boxes.

Keep your bottoms clean.

Of course, why should the flock act like ladies? After all, they are chickens. Ladies on the other hand should focus on supporting one another, being dear friends, confidants, cheerleaders, and there for one another when no one else sees or shares their visions. Women are capable of sharing very wonderful and special bonds between one another. They may not always agree or see eye to eye and that is completely okay. It’s how you carry yourself in your day to day activities that folks are going to remember you for. At least, that’s the way that I’d like to be remembered. I hope you feel the same way too.

Photo Credit: Tilly’s Nest

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