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23 Organic Products for Every Yard and Garden Issue

This year’s garden late June

For years, we have always tried to use mostly organic products around our yard and gardens. Since I started beekeeping almost four years ago, everything had to change. It was no longer an option to be non-organic. Going chemical free was important for the bees and important in the long run for my young family. Today I thought that I would share some products that we have found beneficial over the years. A huge thanks goes out to my friends at Country Garden, who are always eager to show us something new!

As always, even though products are organic it does not mean that they cannot harm honeybees and fellow pollinators. So do not apply to plants with blooms or during the day when the pollinators are out. If you must use these products apply them early in the morning or around dusk when the pollinators have returned home for the evening.

Soil Amendments

  • Coast of Maine Organic Soil Products
  • Espoma’s
    • Holly Tone
    • Bone Meal
    • Garden Lime
  • Max Sea 16-16-16
  • Fox Farm Products
    • Big Bloom
    • Grow Big
    • Ocean Forest Soil
    • Happy Frog
  • Moo Doo
Lawn Care
  • Espoma Lawn Foods
  • Espoma Organic Weed Preventer
  • Actinovate
  • Serenade Fungicide
Weed Killer
  • Ecosmart organic weed and grass killer
  • Lucerne Farms Hay Mulch

Garden Pests

  • Captain Jack’s Dead Bug Brew
  • Bonide All Seasons Spray Oil
  • Neem Oil

Animal/Rodent Repellent

  • Bonide Repel’s All


  • Mosquito Dunks


  • Gnatnix

Grubs/Japanese Beetles

  • Milky Spore
  • Sluggo
  • Espoma Earth Tone Slug and Snail Control


  • Damminix Tick Tubes
Photo Credit: Tilly’s Nest

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