The Photo Shoot

June 6, 2014

This past Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday we had an entire crew of folks working on my book down to my house for my book’s photo shoot. It was so exciting to the people that have been working on my book and to finally see the book begin to come to life through the photographer’s eye!

Prior to the photo shoot, we prepared a long list of photos that we wanted to get for the book that matched the text and chapters. Over email and phone calls we put together a game plan. So much was to be accomplished in just three days. Hopefully the chickens would behave!

Tuesday soon arrived and the team was ready to go by 8am. It was so much fun to put those names and voices to faces. I felt very honored that a very special photographer was selected just for this book. His extensive and impressive resume includes shoots for Martha Stewart Living, Better Homes and Gardens, Country Living Magazine, Food Network Magazine, Yankee Magazine, This Old House Magazine and now me?!

We got off to a bang, introducing everyone to the flock! Of course Oyster Cracker stole the show! She was happy to oblige with many of the chicken shots we needed from tiptoeing, running, pecking and scratching. She was a complete ham. Broody Dolly showed off her amazing brooding skills and Tilly’s Nest began to truly come to life for our new friends.

Midday we had a minor interruption, the chicks had arrived from the post office. I had ordered them last November just for this planned photo shoot! My editor accompanied me to the post office to pick up the peeping package. It was so neat to share that experience with her. For most of the afternoon, the baby chicks were the stars. How could they not be? All of them came to us healthy and peeping!

The next day we spent the day around the yard and gardens with the flock. There was so much chicken goodness to share! Then on Thursday we spent the day shooting inside scenes. It was a complete chicken photo fest!

Each morning and at the very end of the shoot, we sifted through all the photos, making sure we got the shots we needed. I loved that everyone pitched in with the shoot. The staff from Storey Publishing and the photography team were incredibly helpful, gracious, tidy and considerate. I could not have asked for a more amazing team. Now to think of the poor art director’s job. She has to narrow down over 3,700 photos for the book. I can’t wait to see which ones will make the cut!
Photo Credits: Tilly’s Nest


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  1. What a great experience! This may be the first encounter some of those folks have had with backyard chickens. Maybe they will be bit by the chicken keeping bug, too! Thanks for sharing your experience!


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