Meet the New Chicks

June 9, 2014

 Lovebug~ Easter Egger

Ginny~Golden Laced Wyandotte
Tilly's Nest- buff brahma bantam 2wp
Panko~ Buff Brahma Bantam
Lucy~ Salmon Favorelle
Cuddles~Easter Egger
Tilly's Nest- buff Brahma bantamwp new chicks
Storey~ Buff Brahma Bantam
The kids were very quick to name the new chicks last week. It’s hard to believe that they are now one week old! Their wing feathers are starting to grow in and they just learned the art of scratching in the pine shavings. Between napping and preening, they are getting the hang of this chicken thing! On day four, Cuddles was walking sideways whenever she became excited. I added some electrolytes and vitamins to the water, unsure if it was due to a vitamin deficiency. That is not uncommon with baby chicks. Today, she seems to be just perfect. Growing, eating, thriving and no more sideways walking. Thank goodness. I was fortunate that the kids left me one chick to name. I named her during last week’s photo shoot. I thought Storey was just perfect!


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11 thoughts on “Meet the New Chicks”

  1. Somehow, I got disconnected from Tilly's Nest; am happy to be back, but I see that I've missed some important news. The new chicks are so cute and I'll be following their progress, but I'd also like to read about all the original flock, hopefully they are still happily digging for goodies – is there a link that you can send that will help me catch up with them? I still have my two – Millie & Lillie. Millie is my RI Red and is quite assertive; Lillie is my forever broody half-Silkie and is so sweet. Can't wait to read your book!

    • I'm so happy to have your back along with us. Everyone else is good! Alive and well and up to the same old antics. I have written about them and you can find the posts down in the blog archive! So happy to hear your two girls are still with you! I love that we can connect through chickens!

    • I would ask them. I know that they will ship three of varying breeds but depending on how far away you live from a major city sometimes the minimum order is six. Don’t quote me on this because I haven’t ordered birds online in quite some years.


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