Giveaway: Treats for Chickens Goodies Bonanza

I just love it when we can do some amazing giveaways. Treats for Chickens has risen to the occasion this summer to treat your flock to a bonanza of some of their amazing goodies! They are one of my favorite chicken companies because they are certified organic and use only the highest quality of ingredients. Take a peek at what you could win:

Chicken Crack is a Treats for Chickens exclusive drive-your-flock wild combination of certified organic grains, seeds, dried mealworms and dried river shrimp. Chicken Crack treats for backyard chickens are a fun and tasty treat for the whole flock; chicks and pullets scurry for the smaller bits while the older, wiser and mature feathered fowl go for it all. It’s an irresistible snack! Oh yes, I can definitely agree that this treat lives up to its name! (winner receives one 29 oz bag)

Simply holler “Here, Chick, Chicken” and get your well mannered (or slightly mischevious) flock around your feet or back in the coop when you’ve got to get on down the road. Hand feed or sprinkle on the ground. Either way it’s a great goodie and treat for happy fowl to have on hand. (winner receives one 5 pound bucket)My Pet Chicken’s Chicken Salad Seed Mix is great seed kit for those of you who love to spoil your flock. Sow the seeds and, 4 to 8 weeks later, let your flock loose on them. These are plants chickens especially love to eat! You can also plant them in containers and clip the greens for your flock. Contains: Broccoli Waltham, purple Top Turnip, Bracco White Mustard, Forage Kale and Landino Clover. (winner receives one seed packet)

Find the hidden Tillys!
not including this Tilly (above)  for demonstration only.
There are 7 hidden Tillys on Treats for Chickens’ website.
Go pay them a visit, enjoy the site, take a tour, go shopping, and keep your eyes peeled for those Tillys!  When you find them, write down where they are located. Keep that put aside and shhhhh- keep it a secret.
Now enter to win below. If you are selected as the winner, I will contact you via email.
Tell me where the Tillys are located within 24 hours and you win!

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  • My girls would love these!

  • Anonymous

    This would be awesome to win.

  • Finding the Tilly's is harder than I thought…


  • Anonymous

    Try them all!!

  • Anonymous

    My chicks are growing and soon will be ready for these treats! We'd all love to win some!

  • this was rather fun chicken knowledge is always good

  • the chicken salad seed mix

  • I am hooked on treats made by that company, I should say that my chickens are hooked!

  • Anonymous

    our girls have been spoiled since day one, they LOVE Treats for Chickens!

  • Cathy S.

    Chicken crack

  • My chickens would love to try the My Pet Chicken's Chicken Salad Seed Mix.

  • I've ordered from them and the treats were great. Would love to win some Mother Clucker.

  • We'd love to try the chicken crack!

  • So many wonderful products but I would start with "The Boredom Bundle" 🙂

  • All my girls get only the best

  • My Pet Chicken's Chicken Salad Seed Mix

  • That was hard, but I never giv up. Got all Seven. Best treats ever, The girls L O V E them. so excited.

  • My chickens would love any of these.

  • Our chickens have never had any special treats made just for them. I bet they'd love them!

  • Cheep Pullet Together!

  • Denise Smith

    Omg. Here, chick, chicken should be called "chicken crack version 2.0 ". My girls go insane for it! !!

  • My girls love their Treats for Chicken snacks and they want more!!!

  • I love the names of these! And the chickens love the taste!

  • Sea kelp and chicken crack

  • Would love to win anything 🙂

  • Great. Thank you.

  • I'd really like to try the salad mix. Growing treats for my girls is on my "bucket list".