Review: A Garden to Dye For

I love spending time outdoors in my gardens and crafting from nature, so when I was asked to review a copy of A Garden to Dye For by Chris McLaughlin, I was super excited. In Chris’ book, she shares how to take plantings from the garden and nature to dye fabrics, papers, and yarns. Through a variety of processes and techniques shared in the book, a myriad of wonderful creations emerge. The best part is that she makes things very easy to understand. I love that! I wanted to chose a project from her book to share with you all today. To no surprise, it wasn’t long until the kids got their hands on the book and it was decided; we were going to make natural play dough.

Living in New England, I knew exactly what we would use for our dye. Cape Cod is one of the largest producers of cranberries in the country.

First we made the cranberry juice that would serve as the dye.


Next we followed the simple directions to create our play dough. I love that the ingredients are all natural, including the dye! It can’t get much safer than this.
Of course, it wasn’t long until we started making chickens!


I can’t wait to try solar dyeing in mason jars, dyeing silk scarves, and crafting holiday gifts using many of the techniques shared in the book. I’m especially excited about making natural paints for the kids to let their imaginations bloom. If you are like me, you might be surprised to see how many plants to dye for are already growing in your very own backyard.
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