HollyBeth Organics Giveaway

As most of you know, I always have my hands in the garden and in the dirt. After a few days of really hard work putting in the new chicken coop and landscaping, my poor hands had seen better days. Still not completely recovered from their winter dryness, they were true working hands. I had scratches from wrestling with the hardware cloth. I had dirt under my fingernails. The skin was even beginning to crack in places. Then this beautiful hand wash and lotion caddy arrived in the mail from HollyBeth Organics.

Instantly I had to try them. What was not to love? The soap and lotion are organic, have my favorite coconut oil in them, and they smell heavenly. The metal caddy is also fabulous and the glass jars, once empty, will be just darling holding some flowers from the gardens.

The soap has a nice lather that quickly cleans off dirt without leaving my hands feeling stripped of the natural oils. In fact, my hands felt as though they had literally taken a drink. They didn’t feel so rough. The lotion is very hydrating. At first I was a bit skeptical of its more liquid-like consistency, but after rubbing it into my neglected hands, they drank up every drop! I have to say, that I have now been using these two products every chance I have had for the past week and my hands are returning to a softness that has been absent for such a long time. If my hands could, they’d be smiling.
I’m sold on this new line to me and I can’t wait to try more of HollyBeth Organic’s products! The best part is that we are giving away the same Basil Bergamot handwash and lotion set featured at the top of this page to one lucky reader! See below for details.

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Disclosure: I was sent a complimentary set of the product to review, but the opinions I have expressed are all entirely my own.