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Chicken Coop Tour with Edible landscaping + Chicken Art Giveaway

We had the pleasure of keeping chickens for the past five years. Over those years, I’ve learned a good deal about their overall care, needs, and simple ways to make it easier to care for them. Over the past couple of weeks, I have been busy landscaping around the new coop and run and adding some sweet touches to the inside of the coop. It is still a work in progress, but I thought that you’d like to see what I have been up to! Outside the coop, I’ve planted a garden with edibles and chicken safe plants. Still in their infancy, I love to combine veggies, herbs, berry bushes, and perennials to give the garden a cottage look. Let’s take a little coop tour.
On the trellis, I have planted three raspberry bushes and nasturtium. In the gardens, are swiss chard, celery, lavender, cilantro, marjoram, rosemary, cilantro, borage, cabbage, ornamental grasses, dill, coneflowers, hostas, black eyed susan, sunflowers to name a few. All of these are safe around your flock. In fact, this is their garden. Once established  and the plantings are larger, the chickens will be allowed to roam among the plantings and enjoy them while supervised. In the meantime, I will harvest small stalks and clippings for the girls to enjoy in the run.
On the coop’s stoop, I have planted an edible container garden for the flock filled with lettuce, pansies, and climbing sugar snap peas. I love combining a variety of foliage and intermixing plantings.
I’ve even started on the inside of the coop and thought you’d enjoy a little sneak peek. One of the best things that you can do to extend the life of your coop’s floor and make clean up a breeze is to lay down linoleum flooring. Painting the inside of the coop makes cleaning easier as well and extends the life of the coop. With some water and white vinegar, the painted surfaces are easily cleaned and disinfected.
Painting the walls and adding lots of windows for ventilation also helps to disperse sunlight in the coop. Sunlight is a great natural disinfectant. With the abundance of light, some herbs were added to the upper shelf to keep the coop pest free. Here oregano, lavender and chamomile sit next to vintage blue canning jars that store oyster shells and grit. Why can’t the girls have some houseplants with benefits!? I share the coop plants with the girls too! I’ll share how soon.
Even tin wall art can be added to the coop.
This one is by artist Sarah Hudock. The round black fresh eggs sign is from Bainbridge Farm Goods.


Of course, not surprisingly, the girls have a favorite nest box.
Back outside, along the run fresh green grass has been planted. Once it takes root, this too will be one of the chickens’ favorite places to explore. The run itself is covered. This keeps the girls protected from the elements and shaded. I love that I can now sit inside the run and spend time with the girls.
Tilly our head hen.
Our inseparable Buff Orpingtons, Oyster Cracker and Sunshine.
The Silkies are hanging out by the Little Giant feeders filled with oyster shells and grit.
I have lots more to do and share over the next couple of weeks with you including some fun chicken ideas so stay tuned! Finally warmer days are upon us and I could not be happier, spending time outside with my family, flock, and gardens. I’m happiest when I feel the world around me blooming.
Click here for an update on this coop.
Bless Our Nest 
Tin Sign Giveaway

Sarah, the amazing woman behind Sarah Hudock’s Lighthearted Art, is an incredibly talented artist and a sponsor of ours. She designs beautiful artwork and has added her original paintings to tin signs. These signs are perfect for the coop or home.They are weatherproof and wipe clean with a damp soft sponge. This signs measures approximately 11 inches by 18 inches and retails for $72.

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Hello friends, welcome! Follow along on our chicken, beekeeping, gardening, crafting and cooking adventures from Cape Cod.

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    • Thanks so much! Regular weekly dustings helps. Shop vacs work the best when it comes to really cleaning things up. Chickens are just dusty.

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  • I LUV Sarah's artwork!!…they are all my faves!!!

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    And thank you for offering this great giveaway to all your readers.

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  • I love this so much!!! Could you tell me what size your coop is? I didn't see that particular one on the linked website you provided. Also what type and sheen of paint did you use on the inside? Did you insulate first or just paint the raw surface? Sorry to ask so many questions, but I seriously want to copy what you've done very badly! Also, what does the other side (inside) of the coop look like? Do you store supplies in there? Any chance you would post a pic? Thanks so much!

  • Okay, that is probably the most amazing chicken coop I've seen. I even have a chicken coop board on Pinterest! This one will be added 🙂

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    BTW, you have the cleanest, chicest coop I have ever seen!

  • Cute! How do you keep your coop so clean? We have dust and cobwebs everywhere!

    • Thanks Audrey! This is a new coop, but a weekly dusting with a broom and dust broom works wonders. Every once in a while we break out the shop vac too. A clean coop really does wonders to keep the flock healthy and pest free.

    • Is there any chance of getting plans for building a similar coop? If not, can you point me to where I could buy them?

    • HI Evelyn! I designed the coop and made it for me custom. However, due to requests, they now will make one for you. Give Dan a call. This is called the Tilly's Nest coop.

  • Thanks for the list of chicken edibles. I'm growing a grape trellis out of cattle panels on the western side of the coop to give them some shade. Once it's established and hardy, they'll be welcome to grab anything at their level until I see too much damage. I also just planted some comfrey for them.

    Cool coop art too!

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