The New Chicken Coop Arrives

April 25, 2014

We’ve had lots of excitement here. This past week, we’ve been working with our friends over at Briggs Landscaping to help prepare the area for the new chicken coop. We decided to place the new coop in the same area as the old one. So, we moved the girls and their existing coop and run to an area on the driveway. We brought in fill and lots of it! We were working on a slope.

After a day’s work, we were ready for the new coop. The kids wanted a coop where they could walk inside and spend time with the girls. With that in mind, I designed a custom coop that Dan, from  The Green Chicken Coop  brought to life. He even hand delivered the coop last weekend. It was a great day that passed quickly.
Once the coop was in, Oyster Cracker came in for a final inspection.


Next we brought in yet more fill to level the run and construct it. Like a puzzle it fit together. Everything was marked and labeled to make go smoothly.
Finally, it was done. Late afternoon, I swept out the coop and added some fresh pine shavings. The girls would spend their first night in the coop.
The next few days will be spent moving in and landscaping coop’s surrounding areas. I’ll be creating an entirely edible landscape for the girls to enjoy around their coop and I’ll show you how to do it.
Here they are just this morning, enjoying the brilliant sunshine.
Photo Credit: Tilly’s Nest



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19 thoughts on “The New Chicken Coop Arrives”

  1. Love it! I'm jealous too. The laminate/tile on the floor is a great idea. I've read about it other places and want to do that for my flooring as well when I get a place I can have chickens.

  2. It looks terrific…I remember what fun we all had when our new coop arrived; a celebration! Can't wait to hear more about the edible garden…it's just about time for planting here in the Midwest! -Mary


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