Preparing for the New Chicken Coop

April 14, 2014
We’ve been busy for the last few months. Dan and his team at Green Chicken Coop are helping us treat Tilly and the girls to a new home. It’s the least I could do for them. Afterall, they are responsible for my book. I am so excited to share with you my overall design that Dan is bringing to life.

Dan and his team build each beautiful chicken coop by hand in an eco-friendly manner. Every coop is made in the Bay City, Michigan. This is not the first coop that I have ordered from Dan. It is actually our second one. When we started keeping chickens we purchased the smaller Victoria. We still love it!
This coop will be large enough to house Tilly and the girls as well as the new girls set to arrive later this spring. As our flock grows, with our flock rotation plans, so must the coop and run. The coop will have plenty of windows and the cupola will be functional as well. The mini-coop door for the girls will be able to be closed without us having to step inside the coop or run. The run will also have roofing to keep the girls semi-shaded and protected from the elements. 
The kids and I can’t believe that our coop is arriving this week! We’ve been busy temporarily relocated the girls to prep the area for the new coop and run and digging up all the wonderful plants that surrounded the old coop. I think we are just about ready after one more day’s worth of work, bringing in fill and leveling the ground a bit. I’ll be sharing lots of pictures during the entire process, so stay tuned!


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10 thoughts on “Preparing for the New Chicken Coop”

  1. Beautiful design – I'd say the girls are spoiled but they seem to earn their keep 🙂
    Do you have any recommendations for where to start in the way of coups? Are hand-builts or pre-fab better? Any brands that are good to look at?

    • I think quality is the most important thing. Both can be good. Do your research and ask questions. If you have someone local who can help, there are plenty of chicken coop plans and ideas online. You might save some money building it on your own if you are handy.

  2. My husband and I are building our coop (he's out there now while I take a break to check email etc). Can't wait to see how yours looks!

  3. I am excited for you, we too are added a new coop next year spring 2015, I know that seems a ways off, but it takes that long to deal with yard issues…. Since my husband has taken a liking to the girls, and after I read your article on Flock Rotation, we will use the smaller coops for the order chickens and the laying ones in the newer coop…I can’t wait to see it.

  4. Your new coop looks amazing and I thank you for the ideas. One thing I am wondering though, don't the chickens need more room for roaming and exploring? Although it is just pictures, it seems smaller than what I imagine chickens need. I really appreciate all your emails and ideas. Hopefully soon I'll have a space where I can keep chickens and you have been so helpful in teaching me what I will need to know!


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