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Early Spring Gardening

Even though we had a bit of snow last night, I have been very busy puttering around the yard with spring clean up and getting ready for the photo shoot with the book. My favorite spring flowers are pansies. They are so lovely, especially the ruffled variety in this pansy sphere on my front steps. I just adore the blooms and they are entirely edible. The chicken love them!


The bird baths have all received a fresh scrub down with water and white vinegar. I love to see the birds taking baths in them from outside the kitchen window.


The Lenten roses (Hellebores) are in bloom. They are so beautiful and mesmerizing to me. They are some of my all time favorites and slowly I have a growing patch of these beauties tucked away in the garden. Their leaves stay evergreen all year long.


I’ve tilled the soil in the raised beds and mixed in the composting manure that I topped the beds with off last fall. It is completely cured and ready for fresh veggies. So far we’ve planted a stir fry mix, lettuces,spinach, beets, kale and swiss chard. I’ve added Mr. Owl to help deter the critters. So far so good.


Photo Credit: Tilly’s Nest

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  • Anonymous

    Love the pansy sphere. Any idea how it's made?

    • Yes, you start with a metal sphere, such as the one I have in the last photo. Fill it with sheets of moss and then add the soil. Then poke holes through the moss and add the pansies. I have a succulent ball that hangs too.

    • Anonymous

      Awesome, thanks for the response!

  • Love your raised beds. Pansies are almost done here. They are so sweet, but can't take the heat. Enjoy!

  • Thanks for featuring my post about adopting your pet. Little Bailey has sure been a joy for us. Question about your raised beds: How do you keep maintenance down between the beds? My raised beds have grass between them and no matter what I try to choke the grass out it always becomes a maintenance chore. I'd love to eliminate mowing/edging the garden area as well as the blasted bermuda grass sneaking under the boards & taking up residence in my veggie beds!

    ~Taylor-Made Ranch~
    Wolfe City, Texas

    • Hi there! You are very welcome! Grass can be a problem. I would suggest covering the grassy areas with landscaper's fabric or cardboard and then topping that off with a nice thick layer of mulch or woodchips (what I use). The grass can take a while to kill off. White vinegar in a spray bottle works nicely to deal with unwanted grasses too. Hope that helps!

  • Thanks for hosting this blog hop!

  • You're pansies are pretty – Spring is the best – love it when color comes to life. -Carole

  • Everything looks good . I like Pansy's to so many colours and now there are so many types to ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  • Looking beautimus Melissa!!! Happy Easter to you and your sweet family… human and feathered! Love, Deb

  • Thank you for featuring my snowdrops! I'm honored. 🙂
    I missed this week… because the kids were off for spring break. But I'll see you again soon!