Review and Giveaway: The Farmstead Egg Guide and Cookbook

I have had the pleasure of knowing Terry Golson of for a few years now. She has been keeping chickens, goats and horses for many years. She is also an accomplished chef. For years, folks have been asking her to release a cookbook. She finally did! I could not contain my excitement when it arrived, Terry was finally going to divulge her delicious recipes that we all can never get enough of! From the gorgeous photography, detailed information about keeping chickens, to the mouth watering recipes this cookbook is simply delicious!

I had a moment to chat with Terry about chickens, eggs and recipes.

After keeping chickens for all these years, what is your all time favorite breed?

I don’t have one! However, I do tend to like the individual birds with standout personalities, and after almost twenty years, there’s been a handful of those characters, and they’ve been all different breeds.

 Tell me about your favorite egg dish. Does your family have a favorite as well?

I love the simplicity of eggs, so for everyday, I’d have to say that it’s scrambled eggs for breakfast. I also enjoy putting together a strata. And I love desserts! Few things are more satisfying than a custard. My husband would probably say that the Vanilla Pudding, turned into Banana Cream Pie is his favorite. Chocolate made even richer and silkier with eggs might be mine, so the Chocolate Tart hits all of the notes for me.

Do you have a favorite hen?

Right now I have 19 hens and they are all good birds. I appreciate them all for different traits. Beatrix and Veronica are the hens that I take on school visits, so I know them well, and rely on their calm and friendly temperaments. Misty and Twiggy are flighty, busy, always up for something hens. They add humor to the flock! My two Black Stars are consistent layers. I could go on… I know each one and like something about each bird.

Tell me something that most folks don’t know about you.

When I was seven, in a book about horsemanship, I read that it’s good luck to put on your left riding boot first. I’m not superstitious person, but ever since then I’ve always put on my left shoe first.

Tell me about the backyard chicken workshops that you host throughout the year? How can people attend?

I do programs at my home, and also at various venues. like libraries and farm stores. Some are free and open to the public, others have a fee. They’re all listed on my Events page on my website. Workshops held at my home are limited to 14 in a group. I talk all about what you need to know to get started, and then we all tour my coops, the composting system and the gardens. People even get to pick up a chicken. And, I serve iced tea and homemade cookies! Sign up is easy through my site.

Cinnamon Sugar Puffed Pancake

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Hello friends, welcome! Follow along on our chicken, beekeeping, gardening, crafting and cooking adventures from Cape Cod.

  • Veggie Quiche is probably my fave egg recipe.

  • Loved the interview and the book preview!


  • Loved the interview! I read and have learned so much from both of your blogs. It is so nice to see you supporting one another.

    • Thanks. I think it's important too!

  • Anonymous

    This looks like a beautiful book! [email protected]

  • Teri Robinson

    The souffle looks amazing!

  • Could use an egg cookbook – we have 7 girls who will be laying this summer 🙂

  • Teri Robinson

    Eggs Benedict.

  • The interview was great. I absolutely need another cookbook in my collection… (don't tell my hubby) But, if I don't win, then I guess I buy!

  • I love nice simple scrambled eggs! Perfect for when you're starving because they're done in a flash and so satisfying too!

  • I have not seen one post that I haven't liked. I learn something in each and every one!

  • Anonymous

    My favorite egg recipe is sweet custard. My brother and I make it all the time and it never lasts more than a few seconds!
    Jess B

  • Sarah H.

    Love scrambled eggs on a Sunday morning!

    I'm so glad you are doing this giveaway. I found your blog when I was doing research before we got our hens, but lost the link. I was excited to see it on Hen Cam so I can check back in and catch up!

  • I recently baked brioche bread that called for 8 eggs!!! It was amazing, and I had so much dough I turned it into various delicious breakfast breads.

  • I love a feta cheese omlet.

  • Homemade pumpkin creme brúlee with eggs from my girls is my favorite.

  • Anonymous

    Baked custard would be the all time favorite here! Pam
    [email protected]

  • Lemon curd

  • Anonymous

    Really enjoy daily HenCam an Tilly's Nest
    Would love to Win a book But will be buying several for perfect gift for Easter an Mothers Day

  • Omelette!

  • Quiche–simple, uses up the leftovers, so good!

  • Crustless Quiche

  • That puffed pancake looks so good!

  • I'm an eggs benedict fan. YUM!

  • Anonymous

    I would love to win the cookbook.

  • My favorite egg dish is quiche with veggies and bacon crumbles.

  • Do cookies count as a dish? Otherwise I've been known to occasionally overdo the devilled eggs. Thanks!

  • Looks like an awesome book! I love to make egg sandwiches with my eggs. So yummy!

  • Bit

    Whenever I am lucky enough to stay at a luxury hotel, it's eggs benedict for breakfast…. But there are so many yummy egg dishes… heuvos rancheros, scrambled, quiches, omlets… You can't go wrong with eggs! I thank my Silver Laced Wyandottes every day for thier gifts!

  • Omelettes!!!

  • Maple Custard is my favorite dish to make with eggs!

  • I like the French Toast from Ina Garten, and my GF chocolate cupcakes. I make a breakfast casserole, with homemade hashbrowns, meat, and veggies. All recipes call for lots of eggs. This cook books look unique and inviting

  • French Toast!

  • Scrambled eggs.

  • Ohh this is hard. I love scrambled eggs the most but also quiche. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Yum the pictures are beautifully done and look delicious. Love to hear about the lives of other chicken owners and how things run in their yards.

  • Anonymous

    Love eggs benedict (esp. when I don't have to be the one to cook it). My chickens (4) are all different breeds and have personality to spare. I have one that does not lay any eggs. She sits on the others until I collect them but I'm afraid she is barren but I love her anyway. Would love to win this book because I'm running out of egg ideas. Deborah in Atlanta

  • My favorite is veggie omletes

  • Anonymous

    a simple egg sandwich make with homemade bread

  • Eggs Benedict, yum, yum, triple yum!!!

  • Cinnamon Apple French Toast must be the best thing I use eggs for!!

  • spinach leek quiche.

  • The cookies looks yummy

  • I love egg-in-the-hole. Runny yolk and buttered toast, all together, mmmm!

  • I love french toast.

  • My favorite is Chile Rellenos! I make them often.
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  • While eggs benedict is probably my favorite egg dish to eat, I think my egg salad is about my favorite thing to make. Hard boiled eggs (actually, anymore, I bake the eggs), miracle whip, a wee bit of fresh ground pepper, a bit of stone ground mustard, a bit more of horseradish, a sprinkle of celery salt, and mash it all together. I have it on bread or saltines (or wheat thins, in a pinch). My husband literally starts drooling just a bit when I make egg salad.

  • Anonymous

    Egg Salad Sandwich- so simple and tasty!

  • Poached eggs

  • I am a huge fan of the egg. Frittatas, omelets, eggs benedict, egg salad, hollandaise, and simply prepared over easy. Love. Love. Love eggs.

  • Fried eggs, hard boiled with sea salt or in a salad, and quiche are my favorites! Oh and deviled eggs. And Challah bread. One thing I have not had is frittatas. I see them sometimes on real food blogs, but haven't tried them out yet.

    I love your blog! I just became a follower! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    scrambled eggs with tarragon. :-9

    counting_shipwrecks at yahoo dot com

  • My favorite is probably a sausage and green pepper quiche! YUMMY!