Giveaway: Brinsea Ecoglow 20 Chick Brooder

This year, we are adding new chicks to the flock. Like our original flock, we ordered six new little ones from My Pet Chicken. Come late spring we will be joined by two Buff Brahmas, a Salmon Favorelle, two Easter Eggers, and one Golden Laced Wyandotte.  We are all incredibly excited!  One other thing that has us super excited is that we can now use the Brinsea Ecoglow 20 chick brooder instead of the traditional heat lamp. Last time, we ordered chicks this awesome product was not even on the market yet.

Let me introduce you to the Ecoglow 20 chick brooder.

-First of all, it completely eliminates the use of heat lamp.
-Saves on electricity by running on 18 watts.
-The height adjusts as the chicks grow.
-One of these can keep 20 chicks warm.
-You can place more than one of these in your brooder.
-The risk of fire is greatly decreased.

Of course, I could not keep this product all to myself, so we are going to be giving one away courtesy of Brinsea. Follow the directions below to enter. Good Luck!

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Photo Credit: Brinsea

Disclosure:  I received a Brinsea Ecoglow 20 Chick Brooder for review but these opinions are completely my own thoughts about this awesome product.

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  • I would love to win one. I plan on raising some Easter Eggers.

  • My favorite feature is that the risk of fire is greatly decreased. Using heat lamps makes me uneasy. I've only heard good things about these heat sources, thanks for the giveaway!

  • I'm not sure what excites me the most as I don't own one. But I will be excited that my chicks will love it!

  • Love the adjustable heights and it is much safer than a heart lamp!

  • Great and safe alternative to a heat lamp.

  • I think what I like most about the Ecoglow is that I don't have to worry about the house burning down (like I do with a heat lamp)!!

  • Planning on brooding out at least a couple of runs of meat birds. This would be a great addition! The best feature to me is the less risk of fire.

  • The peace of mind.

  • Need one and love the idea of no more heat lamps. Thank you.

  • The safety issue πŸ™‚

  • Jay Baker, I love that the fire hazard is greatly reduced!

  • I like that the heat for the chicks is controlled… much better than a heat lamp! I will be starting our incubator soon!

  • These work great, have one that I am using now, but eggs in the incy due in a week!
    The chicks love them…..almost like mom for warmth!

  • Getting my 1st chicks 4/12. This would be great! Thanks for the chance πŸ™‚

  • Most excited about hatching some of our Guinea keets! Haven't been brave enough to try… yet.

  • I always worry the cats will knock the heat lamp over and cause a fire. This Is the most important feature for me.

  • Would love to win! I'm so done with heat lamps. Have some Cream Legbar, Ameraucana, & Marans eggs hatching next week! Thank you!

  • This is the most natural way to brood your littles if you aren't using a broody. Great products from Brinsea!

  • Would love to win! Have some eggs in the incubator that will be hatching next week. So done with heat lamps. Thank you!

  • The Brinsea looks so much better than having a bulb keeping the babies warm!

  • I really Love the Brinsea Product line…Could really use a safer way to keep my chicks warm…

  • I just bought one but would love a second one!!

  • This is great! We are planning on our chicks later in the year and they will love this! Thanks for the Giveaway Chance….

  • The idea of tiny fluffs to enjoy is almost more than I can bear! LOVE chicks, it has been 4 years since we had any here. Wonderful product! Pam
    violetacres @

  • Would love one for my fluffy babies!!!! Heat lamps are scary!!

  • I like the adjustable height option, as well as safety factor. Doing away with the complicated of over-hanging lamps provides more brooder design options, in my humble opinion.
    Thank you for the giveaway opportunity, Cheers! izzi~avis

  • I'd love to win one of these, I've been wanting one for a long while!

  • the thing that interests me the most is the safety factor.

  • This spring, we are going to be adding chicks to our small flock that we started last fall. Would love for our new additions to have have such a safe way to stay warm.

  • This is such a great product! We would love to win one for our chicks!

  • I'm excited to not have to worry about the dangers of a heat lamp…less danger due to fire!

  • I love the safety aspect of this product. Heat lamps make me very nervous!!!

  • I need one of these!!

  • Yay, thank you

  • I'd love this to be used at my place and my mom's. LOL. She gets dibbs since she's got the first babies and chicks.

  • What excites me the most is that it can warm up to 20 chicks but only uses 18 watts of electricity!

  • Thanks – I would love this!

  • This would be perfect! We are getting chicks later this spring! πŸ™‚

  • I love Ecoglow – no need for heat lamps and no risk of fire!!

  • Safe choice!

  • I love that the ecoglow pretty much eliminates the fire risk in the brooder!

  • it is safe πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  • It doesn't take up a whole bunch of room πŸ™‚ awesome giveaway

  • I have never used these and I'm very interested in checking them out. I raise and sell chickens and this might be a great addition to my brooders and for my customers.

  • Would love to win one of these πŸ™‚ !!

  • I have wanted one of these for so long. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • I so need one of these Brinsea Ecoglow heat lamps, would love to win. Thanks for the chance.

  • I would love one of these. We are trying to make ourselves more efficient.

  • Have an ecoglow50 but would really like a 20 as well. There are times where the 50 is more than I need.

  • I like that the risk of fire is reduced and that the EcoGlow is height adjustable.

  • One day I will have one or more of these. They're bound to be more economic than those 250 watt red bulbs that I'm currently using! Thanks for the opportunity πŸ™‚

    Cyndi Hannahs <–facebook
    channahs 21 at yahoo

  • I love no heat lamp used, meaning fire safety. Awesome produce and would love to win it.

  • Great product idea-no more close calls with the heat lamp. I'm going to buy one even if I don't win.

  • I love this product! I recently got one for my baby chicks and they are loving it. It gives me such peace of mind as I work all day and am not able to be home to keep an eye something like a heat lamp! Would love to win another one, you know…for that ever expanding flock.


  • I don't have to worry about a fire hazard with this brooder…so much peace of mind!

  • I have too many chicks going in three brooding areas–so I need another EcoGlow 20 to get rid of another heat lamp.

  • I would love to win one of these. I currently use brooder lamps and those are so unsafe. I would love to get away from those!

  • I use heat lamps, but with lots of worries, I have to invest in one of these.

  • I have one, and love it. It would be nice to have another for my duckies. =)

  • I was impressed with the safety features and electrical economy of the EcoGlow Brooder and purchased one for our first hatch of Silkie and Showgirl chicks. They are content and QUIET. My only regret is not purchasing the larger model, so would love to have another. πŸ™‚ Don't make my mistake if you are buying–get the BIG one!!

  • What a wonderful giveaway. That would be so much better then a heat lamp. And safer. Thanks so much.

  • I really really love the fire hazard risk reduction!!! The lower energy draw is great too! We would love to win this!!!

  • I think the best thing about this item would be the consistent and even heat and the safety.

  • I am excited about not needing a heat lamp. We have had a few people having a fire due to heat lamps.

  • There are 3 things I LOVE about the Brinsea:

    -First of all, it completely eliminates the use of heat lamp.
    -Saves on electricity by running on 18 watts.
    -The risk of fire is greatly decreased.

    Thank you for the chance to win.

  • I would like to have too. Seems like a pretty awesome idea. πŸ™‚

  • I like that there's no worry about babies getting too hot, and then having to back off the heat lamp (to adjust the direct heat they feel). I also like that it's something they can get under…a natural instinct they babies have.

  • I would love to win this πŸ™‚ My heat lamps makes me worry because they are so unsafe.

  • I would like to have this for my chicks. You're going to love that salmon faverolle. I've had two. Best temperament. Steady layers. Great broody hens. They are small and do get picked on some by the big girls sometimes though.

  • Thanks for the chance. This would be such a great, well needed, addition to my brooder.

  • This would be so great..not to have to worry about fire or whatever.

    [email protected]

  • I would love to win this…getting the "chick fever"…:-)

  • Good Luck everyone!

  • I've been keeping chickens for years and seem to add new chicks every year. I have 2 blue cochins under a lamp now in the dining room! This would make a wonderful addition to our chick starting kit πŸ˜‰

  • This would be wonderful!

  • I like that one of these can warm 20 chicks on 18 watts. That's 0.9 watts per chick.

  • Would love to not have to worry about burning the house down with all the heat lamps!

  • Safety. That's my favorite aspect of the Brinsea Ecoglow. πŸ™‚

  • Love the idea of not having to buy bulbs for a heat lamp!

  • Seems like less of a fire hazard than a traditional heat lamp. I'd really like to win this.

  • It looks so easy to use! And much safer than using a light bulb.


  • Safety first! Awesome product.

  • I am excited about the safety aspect!

  • I love the safety aspect!

  • This would be a great addition to our poultry supplies. We are currently using the standard heat lamp but this type of heater appears to be much safer and more efficient to use.

  • What a great giveaway!

  • Would love to win. Some of our hens don't want to stay with their babies! This would greatly help!!!

  • This would surly give me piece of mind, new at raising chicks. And I LOVE it

  • I would like,it is so mutch safer

  • I'd love to win! So much safer to use than heat lamps and the adjustable height makes it really nice!

  • I must feed my chicken addiction!

  • I like that is only uses 18 watts

  • This would be perfect for chicks coming in this spring!

  • Getting chicks soon and would LOVE this!

  • With a 20 chick brooder I could add to my little farm πŸ™‚

  • Thanks for letting me enter! Good luck everyone!

  • What a great little brooder. Last time we raised chicks I was fearful the heat lamp was going to catch fire with all the dust from the chickens. This would be a relief to have.

  • We'd love to raise our own babies!

  • Would love to have this brooder ! It's almost chick time πŸ™‚

  • We have eggs in the incubator now and we'd be thrilled to win this brooder for them! Thanks for the chance to win it!

  • There are so many things I like about this brooder. I like the safety aspect of course but I also love that the height is adjustable for different breeds and it's only 18 watts which will please my hubby. My kids and I would love to win this! My sons are ready for a chick raising adventure and we all need to feed our chicken obsession.

  • I like the safety and the over all easiness to use. I hope to win, new chick time is coming your site see it all the time.

  • This is great new technology for brooding chicks. I often worry about over heating with a heat lamp and the electricity is wildly expensive. I'm wondering if this uses less electricity. Great idea, great giveaway. Thanks

  • I would LOVE to win one of these, I have chicks coming this week and again in April!

  • I really appreciate the safety factor of the Brinsea Eco Glow Brooder. We have been using heat lamps and our brooder is in our bedroom, at least for the first couple of days, then downstairs in the basement until the chicks feather out and the weather permits them to be moved outside.

  • I'm so excited for the chance to win this awesome product!!!!

  • I love that it reduces fire hazard. And uses only 18 watts.

  • I love the simplicity and safety, PLUS it will be nice to not have red heat lamps, which will make it easier to see the true colors of the baby chicks while they live in the brooder. I really hope I win! I'm getting 12 chicks early May so would be nice to have it πŸ™‚

  • I like the safety and that it is adjustable
    susan_hoke at yahoo dot com

  • I love the energy savings

  • I would love to not have to worry about fire hazards and know that my babies are safe.

  • I really like the safety aspect of this product. My chicks are going to arrive in a few weeks…so excited!!

  • One thing that always bothered me about heat lamps is the hot spot it creates and all the chicks crowd together. This product is great because the heat is evenly distributed across a large area. What a great invention!

  • No risk of fire, much safer than a heat lamp and saves on electricity as well. Oh Boy!

  • I would love to have one of these to cut out the fire risk of using a heat lamp! Thanks for the contest and the chance to win one!

  • What a wonderful product,safer for all and a great way to raise new chicks. I would love one.

  • I like the idea of raising chicks.

  • Using only 18 watts would be helpful when running on solar and wind power.

  • I like that it can sit down in my brooder rather than hang over it

  • I would love to win this…I also have baby chicks coming from in April and I am so excited!

  • The safety factor gives peace of mind.

  • I have a bunch of Orpington chicks hatching this weekend from a Brinsea incubator. They would so enjoy one of these!

  • This is great – thanks for the opportunity! I think the best things about it are it's safety and energy efficiency compared to a heat lamp!

    • I agree! Two big thumbs up for this brooder!

  • I recently saw a post on Facebook about a terrible barn fire caused by a heat lamp. I am so nervous about using one for my new chicks now. I would love to own a Brinsea Ecoglow 20 chick brooder because it is safer, and more economical! I love hatching out new chicks and know I would use this a lot! Thanks! <3

  • As someone who has lost two coops and four chicks to a fire caused by a heat lamp, I would love the Ecoglow to put my mind at ease when I am raising chicks. I think it would offer greater peace of mind for me and my family.

  • I think the safety is the best feature. I worry about fire from heat lamps. Mould be nice to not worry so much about the babies being under the heat lamp I have. Find myself waking up to check on them at night to make sure they are okay under the lamps. πŸ™‚

  • I think the safety is the best feature. I worry about fire from heat lamps. Mould be nice to not worry so much about the babies being under the heat lamp I have. Find myself waking up to check on them at night to make sure they are okay under the lamps. πŸ™‚

  • I'm excited about seeing MY chicks!

  • We've read a lot about the Brinsea brooders – they seem really amazing. I like how they are not a fire hazard like traditional brooder lights can be. Would love to win one!

    Natalie Bishop npebishop at gmail . com

  • Oh I would love to win one of these and ditch the red lamp. Thanks!!

  • This would be so awesome to win! Thanks for the opportunity. We recently started hatching out eggs from our own girls. This would be put to good use.

  • I would love to share the excitement of hatching eggs with my children! We've always bought chicks. It would be fascinating to them to see them actually hatch!

  • My son would love it if I won this. His incubators go all season long hatching out chicks.

  • I own the Brinsea incubator! But I would LOVE to have the EcoGlow for my chicks! I've been using a heat lamp, but starting to see that this really needs to change. Would love to win one! Thank you for the opportunity! πŸ™‚

  • Hi! I am getting my second batch of chick's this may and would love to win this warmer! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • This is the best and safest heater for small chicks. The constant worry when you use the lights is totally gone thus more time to just enjoy and know that the chicks are fine.

  • Winning this means I can get chicks again! <3

  • I need a bigger flock and this sure would help. Our babies have a hard time and less than half the chicks survive. Be a great addition!

  • I would love to have one. It would be a great addition to my the Brinsea incubator. I will be hatching my first brood this Spring.
    Take care.

  • Adjustable and reduced fire hazard are my fave things!

  • I would love to win. I entered but I do not have a Facebook so I cannot like their page : (

  • I just learned about these. This is awesome! Would really love to have one.

  • I like that it uses less energy.

  • Reducing fire hazards is my absolute favorite thing!!

  • I would love to win this, as I am expanding my flock. I like the fact that I could eliminate the use of the heat lamp, thus, reducing fire hazards. Also, the fact that the warmer is height adjustable is great.

  • Adjustable and safer!!

  • Fact of using only 18 watts of power & 1/10th of the cost of running traditional heat lamps is a plus.

  • Matt Carroll-
    I like that the risk of fire is greatly decreased.

  • It sounds like a really great product, saving you a lot of money and being a lot safer. You can't ask for much more from any product!

  • Love Brinsea products! I have the smaller version of the brooder & the mini advanced incubator but my flock is growing! Lol!

  • The Grandkids would really like to help me with this. Would love to win!
    Gwen Johnson Koskinen on facebook.

  • With cat, dog, kids and chicks all in the living room anything that reduces the risk of fire is aweso.e

  • I'd love one. Never had one like this before. All I ever had was a heat lamp at best~

  • Just got one for my sister's family, but another would be fantastic!

  • This would sure make life easier and safer for my wife and I and our chicks.

  • Would love to give this to my Mom. She would love it as she always worries about fires. This is an awesome product.

  • I wouldn't have to worry about the house burning down! The EcoGlow seems so much safer than traditional heat lamps. I've been looking into getting chicks for a while, and your blog has been an invaluable resource. Thank you for this giveaway!

  • I love how it can save on electricity.

  • Would love to give this to my grandchildren. They buy a few chickens every year for their brood, but what fun this would be! Thanks for the opportunity to enter!

  • I like the simplicity, adjustability, and low power consumption.

  • Living in a 100 year old farmhouse, anything we can do to lower electric use and keep us safe from fire is a good thing. Removing heat lamps from the brooder will make us all feel safer about having out babies in the house with us. Thank you for the chance to win!

  • so easy!

  • I like that it eliminates the use of a heat lamp, which can be dangerous. I like that it is more natural.

  • I thought these were cool from the moment I saw them, I like the fact that they don't get hot to the touch. πŸ™‚

  • My preschoolers are hatching chicks this month, what a wonderful way to keep them warm πŸ™‚

  • Well this is my first year starting a flock and I can not wait! I pick up my chicks in a week. So I could really use this…. A lot. I had actually looked at this exact model so it would be an extra bonus!

  • I would love to win one of these! LOVE that there is no fire risk, and the reduced electricity usage is certainly a good thing!

  • We have four baby buff giant cochin. I want some patridge giant cochins. This is cool.


  • I would so love to have one of these ecoglow for the 15 chicks that are coming in a few weeks! Thanks for the opportunity. (aviatrix.flyer at yahoo)

  • Looking forward to my chicks arriving soon, the Ecoglow would be perfect for the brooder! (nansalomon at gmail)

  • Safety!

  • Would love to have one of these, so much safer than heat lamps.

  • I would love to win. Please enter my name in the contest. thank you

  • this would be a great addition to my first flock of chicks I plan to order next time!

  • My chicks would love this!

  • I would love to use this I have silkie chicks and giant cochin chicks right now and I'm going to get frizzle cochins soon.

  • This would be great to have, love the fact that it is safe, and can keep up to 20 chicks warm

  • I used the heat lamp with the last set of chicks in Dec. And if the smoke alarm didn't work my whole family would be dead from the fire that started days before Christmas. I have chicks coming in July and not sure what I will do about heat lamp, really don't want it in the house again, that s for sure.

  • I would much rather use the Brinsea Eco-Glow Brooder than my heat lamp; it makes me nervous every time I leave my house.

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