Make Your Own Infused Oils


I love using scented and flavored infused oils in beauty products, health products, and in the kitchen. Today, I thought that I would share with you how simple it is to make your own infused oils right from the garden. There are many processes and techniques out there, from distillation to vodka. However, I prefer to use an excellent quality extra virgin olive oil for the process.

It begins by harvesting herbs, flowers, and fruits early in the morning, when their moisture and oil content is at their peak. I then dry them, preferring to use them dried versus fresh. Using fresh harvests can put you at risk for harmful bacteria and mold in your finished product.

I use Mason Jars for processing. They work great.
Here I’m making a lavender rose essential oil that we will use later in soaps or lotions.
I’m also sure to store the finished products in colored glass. This prevents the oils from breaking down.
infused oils
To learn more, please visit my post on HGTV for the complete tutorial and inspiration.
Photo Credit: Tilly’s Nest


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