A Tilly’s Nest Quilt-A-Long: Sew A Chicken Quilt~ Part Four

February 17, 2014
join us for chicken quilt step four

Now that you have completed the chicken quilt parts one through three, the front of the quilt is done. We are now ready to start building the back in the chicken quilt part four. With all those henny girls on the front, I was inspired to create some nesting boxes and nests- perfect for these girls to lay their eggs in! I am just loving this sweet and unexpected twist on this quilt and I think you will too.

Chicken Quilt Part Four Supply List:

Fabric of your choice to cover the back (measure your quilt front)
Scraps of fabric left over from Part 1 when you made the chicken appliques
Left over Pellon Wonder Under #805 Transfer Web from Part 1
Sewing Machine
Iron/Ironing Board
Water in Spray Bottle
Wash cloth
Tape Measure


First lay the front of your quilt face down on the floor.

Second place the fabric you selected for the back and spread it out on top of the quilt front like so.

chicken quilt step four begins to take shape

Then measure the strip on the right that is “uncovered” by your backing material. Determine its length and width.

Next divide that length by 5. You will need 5 squares cut into that length by the width. Two of those squares should be the same material as the back of your quilt. Create the three others using left-over scraps from making the chicken appliqués and squares.

Three fabric squares will become the nesting boxes. You will add nests and eggs to them.

Next using the same process as Part 1. Print out the template below, make the nests, eggs, and iron them into place on three fabric squares.


chicken quilt part four nest and egg
Then, with the stitching of your choice, sew around the nests and eggs just like you did in Step 2.

Now sew the 5 squares of fabric together like so, minus our Miniature Schnauzer who loves to help and could not stay away from all this exciting action.

Iron the 5 sewn together squares flat.
Then pin the squares to the side of the back fabric. Make sure the nests are all facing in the proper direction.  Finally sew along the length.
You are done with the back of the quilt!
chicken quilt part four back of quilt
As a final touch, iron the front and the backs of the quilt.
It will definitely need it. As you can see, our sweet Sara had her puppy way with mine!
In the next step will will be adding the batting and adding the finishing touches.
Happy Quilting!
Thank you for joining us for the chicken quilt step four. Click here for step 5, the final post!
DISCLOSURE: I learned to sew in 4H in the 4th grade. I’ve been sewing for over 30 year. I’m not a professional quilter. I take short-cuts and I may not do things the “right” way according to other quilters and sewers. Nonetheless, you will have a lovely handmade quilt when we are through. One that you will hopefully come to treasure for a lifetime.


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7 thoughts on “A Tilly’s Nest Quilt-A-Long: Sew A Chicken Quilt~ Part Four”

  1. Looking good . I love the look of hand made quilts , I can sew just never really got into it m funny as my mum was seamstress way back in England before she moved here to farm lol. Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  2. What a cute idea for adding some interest to the back! 🙂
    You are going to laugh at me though, I used up almost all of my scraps making a couple of items for the craft swap at Farmgirl Chit-Chat. I actually went through the trash this morning and pulled out all the pieces I could find and washed them. I think I have enough for a couple of nests and some eggs! LOL!!

    • Oh no! You are too cute! I almost did the same thing and I am making something in the craft swap too! I guess you could make the nests and eggs smaller. You are the best!


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