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How to Make Snow Ice Cream

snow ice cream

We were hit hard by the first blizzard of 2014. The winds were incredible and I could barely sleep a wink worrying about the chickens, how our 10 pound dog would manage in the snow drifts, and how to contain the excitement of two young children ready to pounce in the snow at first chance.

This wasn’t your typical storm and things needed to be done a bit more methodically. Sadly, the kids would have to wait until the dangerous winds and white-out conditions passed to be able to play. My first priority this morning was to reach the chickens, dig them out from under neath the snow, thaw the waterers, and check on their feed supply.

To keep the kids happy, after I tended to the chickens and dug out a place for the dog to do her business. I returned outside to scoop up a large dish of snow. A little snow ice cream was just the thing to pass the time.

Snow ice cream is always fun to make and takes only a few minutes. Little helping hands are always welcome. Snow ice cream is always best made with light fluffy snow.

Snow Ice Cream Recipe:
1 cup of milk
1/2 cup of sugar
1 tablespoon of vanilla
Approximately 6 cups of fresh fluffy snow.

Stir the milk, vanilla, and sugar until well mixed. Then stir in the snow. Keep adding snow until you reach an ice cream like consistency.  Enjoy immediately!

Photo Credit: Tilly’s Nest

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