Gloomy Winter Days and Backyard Chickens

January 24, 2014
Over ten years ago, I moved from sunny Southern California to Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Cape Cod is an incredibly beautiful place, yet after the summer tourists leave, and the November and December holidays have passed; this quiet place is a gloomy one. Gray skies fill the winter days and I would feel my body craving a bit of sunshine. This is how it went year after year, until we got the chickens.

It has been four winters now that we have had them. On those gloomy winter days, they are my rainbows- flitting about, scratching, chatting, and dust bathing. Their feathers and their spirits are splashes of happy colors in my day. I do have to admit their fluffy butts help too! I’m convinced that chickens can cure even the gloomiest of blues.
Photo Credit: Tilly’s Nest


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5 thoughts on “Gloomy Winter Days and Backyard Chickens”

  1. This winter especially has been colder and gloomier than the last decade or so!! We had a mild winter here in Atlanta and had a terrible time with spiders and bugs last summer. I sure hope that this COLD winter took care of those spiders and bugs!! Stay warm!!

  2. I had a little salmon faverolles pullet shipped from Cape Cod all the way to Houston last spring. Sadly, a hawk got her yesterday when she was free ranging in my backyard. We are absolutely devastated. She truly was a little ray of sunshine with a happy and silly personality. My other girls are on lock down right now and our silkie has moved into my daughter's bedroom. It's a very gloomy sad and gloomy day here today but the sun will come out and eventually I'll relax and let the chickens get back to being chickens and yard art.

  3. This made me smile. 🙂 Of course, having grown up in Michigan and lived in Pittsburgh, the mountains of WV, and now central Ohio, I thoroughly understand the annoyance of nonstop gloom! 😉 Those girls are darling and they'd make me smile too, no matter the weather. 🙂


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