Giveaway: Eggcellent Life Egg Carton Labels + Wrapping Egg Cartons

Courtney from Eggcellent Life makes the most wonderful egg carton labels. I love to use them to make my eggs look special. Typically, I recycle egg cartons for friends and family. With a little bit of brown butcher paper,  I love to wrap the egg cartons.


Wrapping your egg cartons is easy to do. Simply take a piece of brown butcher paper and cut it to length.

Wrap it around your carton and adhere a lovely label.

Top it off with some garden twine and a fresh sprig of herb, flowers, fern or greenery.

Today’s giveaway is for a $40 gift certificate for egg carton labels from Eggcellent Life.

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Fine Print: Giveaway ends 1/26/14 at 12 noon EST. One entry per person. Winner to be notified by email.

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  • I give away so many eggs and this would be a lovely way to decorate an otherwise boring egg carton! Thanks for the offer!!!

  • OMChicken, the timing is perfect. I need new egg carton lables. I can't wait to go see what she has. Thanks!
    [email protected]

  • I would love to decorate my cartons with your labels!! Love your blog! Thanks for the chance to win 🙂
    [email protected]

  • Our 4-h club is donating a dozen fresh eggs for 6 months at a benefit auction. These egg carton labels will make our fresh eggs even more special. I love the idea about the butcher block paper. I'm thinking our club could do that and have all the 4-h members sign the paper to say thank-you for the winners contribution. [email protected]

  • Stunning labels! The ones I have made on the computer need a "little" help! LOL. Your cartons have given me crafting inspiration in perfect timing: my youngest son asked for a crafting table today and wants to go shopping for a project. Maybe he can help me start rethinking how we gift our eggs. 🙂

  • These labels are adorable!!! Love it! [email protected]

  • Love the labels and packaging. [email protected]

  • Love the labels…..I too recycle egg cartons! [email protected]

  • Awesome labels! You were the first chicken blot I started following when I got my first chicks. I already have been following Eggcellent Life!! Thanks for another great giveaway. [email protected]

  • Love the idea of butcher's paper to hide the "store-bought" cartons…so clever! Count me in, Mary [email protected]

  • I love the labels. Cute Idea to hand eggs to my customers with the brown paper and twine over the label! [email protected]

  • Wonderful idea. I used Christmas paper in December, based on this idea. Funny how the little things made such a difference for a dozen eggs.
    1. done
    2. done
    3. done
    and 4. done

  • Love your blog! I have had chickens for a couple of years now and they are one of God's most wonderful creatures! Always wondered how I could gift egg in a wrapping and label them. I just LOVE these labels! May God bless you, your family and your "girls". Sharon [email protected]

  • Such cute labels and what a cute idea with the butcher paper! [email protected]

  • Love the design and the concept of the labels, would love to have a set! [email protected]

  • [email protected]

  • the labels are super cute..I give my eggs to labels would be great
    [email protected]

  • How adorable!!! I would love to have these for my eggs. Thanks for the great wrapping idea. 🙂

  • I would love to wrap my cartons with these labels

  • I want to use these for my cartons

  • Oh my gosh! I would love to win these. They are so cute!

  • Lovely labels to beautify an egg cartoon. I have lots of friends who would love to receive a dozen eggs with such cute labels!

  • Love reading your blog and the info/questions/answers…I'm a newbie and have my first ladies laying…have now found someone who's going to to help me with another coop for some more pullets…understand that is called "chicken Math"….LOL Can't wait ! Thank you for the offer of a chance at a gift…

  • Very cute idea, would love some of these! Did all the requirements, Thanks 🙂
    [email protected]

  • Thank you for giving us the opportunity to win these labels. With my new additional 12 hens, I would love to have labels to put on the cartons that I will be giving to friends and neighbors this spring. They are adorable! Frieda [email protected]

  • This is an awesome idea. It will definitely be used this year. And the free labels is great. I love these site. I get many ideas from them. Thanks for having them and the contests. Would enjoy the labels.
    [email protected]

  • Makes an ordinary carton look so special. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • These are beautiful egg carton labels. I love the idea of wrapping the carton in paper and using a label and string to secure it. Much better than my rubber bands!

  • such a really cute idea!! love them:)
    [email protected]

  • Great idea to wrap them. Makes them look as special as they are! [email protected]

  • [email protected] [crosses fingers!]

  • I would love to win this! Thanks for the opportunity! [email protected]

  • so cute! [email protected]

  • I would love some of these adorable labels!
    [email protected]

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