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Eggs In Your Pockets

egg in pockets
There is something about the moment of discovering an egg that you forgot in your pocket. Innocently, you reach inside to find a sweet little orb of goodness greeting your fingertips. So many feelings flood in from excitement, happiness, and elation that it didn’t break. They are sweet surprises that I usually discover when I am running the kids to school, volunteering, tending the gardens or even having lunch out with friends. 

Perhaps people think I am crazy to tuck them into my pockets when I am sometime in a hurry.
I think they help me to remember to slow down.
You never know when you might crush one of those forgotten eggs.
I certainly have done that in the past, especially at the worst possible time!
Mostly, the chickens are a part of me. I carry them on my journey when not in my pockets in my heart.
Photo and Quote Credit: Tilly’s Nest


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