A Tilly’s Nest Quilt-A-Long: Sew A Chicken Quilt: Part Two

January 27, 2014
chicken quilt sewing on chickens
Welcome to the chicken quilt part two. Now that you have completed all the necessary steps from the part one post, it’s time to head on to step two. If at anytime, you get a wee bit confused, feel free to pop me an email and I’ll try and walk you through it.

Chicken Quilt Part Two Supply List:

  • sewing machine
  • matching thread (pick up two to three spools for the entire quilt)
  • 20 pre-appliqued chicken squares-from Part One.


In order to really make sure your chicken appliques are not going anywhere it is a good idea to sew around them. With the stitch of your choice, sew around each of the twenty applique chickens.
Here is how the chickens look with a zig-zag stitch
Here is how the chickens look with a straight stitch.
Then it is up to you. Pick a style and go for it or even mix and match. Remember to go slow. Turn the fabric as you need to when the needle is in the fabric while lifting the foot of the sewing machine.
Don’t worry about being perfect. Remember, this is a homemade quilt not from a factory. My six year old decided she wanted to learn to sew on this project. How could I refuse her passionate little pleas? She helped iron on the appliques and cut the fabric in step one. She helped me stitch the hens and “drove” the sewing machine in this chicken quilt part two. You’ll surely see in part 3, where we added some “special” touches. If you ask me, I would not want it any other way!
Happy Sewing Peeps!
Click here for chicken quilt Part 3.

DISCLOSURE: I learned to sew in 4H in the 4th grade. I’ve been sewing for over 30 year. I’m not a professional quilter. I take short-cuts and I may not do things the “right” way according to other quilters and sewers. Nonetheless, you will have a lovely handmade quilt when we are through. One that you will hopefully come to treasure for a lifetime.

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