Two Family Friendly Holiday Crafts

December 11, 2013

Good Morning friends!  I can’t wait to share with you two family friendly crafts for you to enjoy. My kids love to craft with me and I love it when I am working on something for HGTV that they can help me with.

First, I’d like to share paper snowflakes!

Paper snowflakes are so amazing! We love making them, dusting them with glitter and hanging them in the windows. Sometimes we make garlands out of them and decorate the mantle. Other times we hang them suspended from the drapery rods. Either way, making them is simply delightful! Who says it can’t snow inside? The trick to making paper snowflakes is how you fold the paper. I have included a step by step photo tutorial of the paper folding over on HGTV Garden’s website. Yes, we even added a dog on the bottom right one!
The second I’d like to share this week are Pomander Balls!

Any types of citrus fruits can be used to make pomander balls. We decided on grapefruit and oranges. I went to the local discount store and scored three large bottles of whole cloves for $5.00. Traditional pomander balls have cloves randomly inserted into the fruits, so easy for the kids to do.

The patterns and combinations you can make are endless. I made a snowflake in this one.
Or you can keep it simple and just do geometric shapes.
Here’s the link on HGTV Gardens where I share the tutorial as well as an easy technique to help insert the cloves through the rinds.
Photo Credit: Tilly’s Nest



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    • Thanks! It is always seems so weird to me to be doing these posts months before the actual holidays roll for HGTV. My kids loved celebrating Christmas during Halloween this year!


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