Confessions of This Backyard Chicken Keeper

December 30, 2013
I have some confessions.
I’m not your traditional chicken keeper.
I don’t live on a farm, nor do I have sprawling acres of land.
I don’t believe you need to have a lot of chickens to know a lot about them.
I have a complete admiration for fresh eggs.

I believe chicken keeping can be addicting.

I do believe in letting chickens live out their natural lives as a sign of respect after they stop laying eggs.
I don’t understand why some believe chicken keeping should be so black or white.
I believe in supporting fellow chicken keepers.
I believe that chicken keeping is therapeutic for the soul and can help with seasonal affect disorder.
I believe in learning something new everyday.
I don’t mind cleaning out the coop and the poop.
I believe in the power of incorporating natural products, plants, and herbs in daily chicken care.
I believe in seeking veterinary expertise for serious chicken problems.
I know that sometimes you need to treat your chickens with traditional medications and antibiotics to save their lives.
I believe that sometimes chickens need a good bath.
I love attending poultry shows.
I do believe that there is something magical about chickens.
I believe that animals hold wisdom and they will share their secrets if you take the time to “listen”.
I believe in chicken hugs and chicken kisses.
I believe in naming my flock, because it makes each one special.
I tuck my chickens in at night and wish them sweet dreams.
I do believe chickens are capable of love.
I love the way my chickens smell; a warm, sweet, comforting scent of straw.

I love my chickens.Tell me, do you have any confessions to add?

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16 thoughts on “Confessions of This Backyard Chicken Keeper”

  1. I so agree with all you said and can't count the times I've stood on my back deck and just watched them in their daily activities. It calms the soul, and brings a chuckle to your lips. I also believe that they are wonderful for small children, as a learning tool, and to loose their fear of things unknown. I don't live on a farm either, and I have 26 (4 roos). I'm actually rather urban but out community is a bird sanctuary and as long as they are kept clean, and on your property, all is well. The neighborhood kids think it's funny to see chickens, while walking to school in the morning and are amazed to see them running around the yard, loose, when they head home in the afternoon. I will always have chickens!

  2. I believe there is nothing wrong with treasuring these little creatures- even if they are destined for the dinner table.
    I believe that if your main goal with getting chickens is to get eggs cheaper than the commercially produced eggs- it's not a good idea.
    I believe that what you put in is what you get out. A clean safe habitat, quality food, fresh water promotes healthier birds.
    I believe people should play with their food. (So I do let those non-chicken owners-that get eggs from us come over and meet the flock. They can give them some treats and go in the coop. Maybe it is because they feel more connected- or have adopted the girls as pets- but they send gifts like melons and cukes from their gardens, organic yogurt, sunflower heads from their flower beds. I think it is rather amusing that they are thinking about their food enough to go out of their way to give them treats. The source of their eggs- has a name, a face, quirks, and a favorite treat. Not many think about the commercial layer- or any other livestock beyond the price tag at the store.)

  3. I agree with almost all of it except the amount of poop is making me insane. I have 1/16 the acre backyard and in the spring they will not be allowed to roam as they please. My dog and cats also are in the yard and they come in the house I'm sure with poopy feet, not to happy knowing that then seeing them on my bed. How does one overcome the poop issue?

    • Sectioning off an area just for the birds- and constant cleaning. With small areas you really can't avoid the fact it means cleaning more often. A high animal population- it can be a chore you may need to do more than once a day.

  4. Love it! I totally agree with you. I love that my chickens help me get out of bed in the morning rather than snoozing and staying under the warm blankets. Once it's light outside, I'm up and at 'em! I used to be a night person, but now I'm totally a morning person thanks to my chickens. I'm always so tired when I head outside to take care of them in the early mornings, but by the time I make it back up to the house I'm awake and ready to go.

  5. I also have a few chickens, 5 of them. Like you, I like to smell them, some people may think that's silly but they really do smell good, kind of earthy and like fresh straw. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I second everything you said and would like to add that I believe the loss of my husband's formerly beautiful lawn is a small price to pay for the pleasure that free-ranging brings my girls. My husband would disagree.

  7. I am grateful to have a wonderful community of like-minded chicken keepers! Thanks so much for your writing and hosting the Down Home Blog Hop. I've learned a lot this past year. I love my chickens, goats, dog and pig!

  8. Love, love, love this post!!! Yes, they do have something to share with those that are willing to "listen"! I name my girls too and try to porvide a good life for them after they have finished laying. Their personalities are amazing if you are willing to take the time to get to know them! Fresh eggs are amazing to say the least! I feel good using them because I know what went into them. My first visit here was a delight!

  9. Hi Melissa. I want to wish you a very happy new year. I did my 2014 new years resolutions this morning and they include: clean the nest boxes more frequently, more free range time and a more scratch for the girls.


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