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What is Your Chicken Name?

What is Your Chicken Name by Tilly's Nest


This week I thought that I’d put together a little game for us.
I’d love to know your chicken name!
I’m Yolko Eggplanter. How about you?
Photo Credit:  Tilly’s Nest

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  • Wattles Spuronimo 😀

  • Speckles Fluffybottom! I could be a Bond Girl with that one. lol

  • Yolko Shellton! Albumen should be my middle name!

  • Cooper Fluffybottom. My friends golden retriever's name is Cooper and he has a fluffy bottom. lol

  • Willow Beakmann – Well if only I was slender and graceful, maybe that's why there's no mirror in the hen house. You can be what suits your fancy no matter how ruffled you look.

  • I truly love this blog,keep it going.

  • I'm "CRACKING" up! (get it?) (egg joke?) Hahahaha.
    Maybe I just crack myself up.
    Thanks for the hoot!

  • Flocky Eggster here… and this was such fun!
    gave me a chuckle.

  • Anonymous

    feather wattletons hehe loves it