Off to the Publisher

November 8, 2013

I sent the final manuscript in this week to the publisher.

Over 44,000 words worth!

I guess I had a lot to say, or maybe I was just incredibly inspired by my lovely little flock of henny girls that I could hear everyday as I wrote. Even though I could not see them, the entire time I knew that they were there carrying on business as usual. Like clockwork, I could hear the egg song, even with the windows closed.  On warmer days, I could hear their chattering on the waft of the breeze gliding through the screen.

I could hear them sound the alarm. Their alarm was a wonderful opportunity to peek in on them and see what the commotion was about. Sometimes it was nothing, but other times, I would find a hawk perched high above the coop in the tree tops.

On days when I missed them, I headed outside to work. I worked on sketches for my team of illustrators and they were happy to be my muses. I got close up with them and Oyster Cracker sometimes could not resist hopping into my lap, gotta love forced snuggle breaks. The chickens and my family happily put up with being guinea pigs on my ideas, concoctions and creations. At one point, we even vowed to never eat another egg. Of course, that was short lived! I have to say that so much of my flock went into writing this book and for that I am forever grateful.

The publisher does not want me to share it just quite yet. Truthfully, I can understand. You see, there is no book like this one on the market. We have been working on this book already for over a year and the book will not be out until later 2014. Books take a great deal of time and patience as they take time to get to the market. Hours and hours by a large team of people are required to make my ideas and visions come to reality. I had no idea really that it took so much to write a book.

So for now, please continue to bear with me during this process. I, myself, am giddy with excitement and I can’t wait to share all the details with you soon! I can tell you that I am working with a well-known publisher. My book will be available nationwide in many independent and chain bookstores, and  I will have a book tour, even possibly international! So, yes do tell me where I should visit! I would love to meet you all!

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14 thoughts on “Off to the Publisher”

  1. This is so thrilling! Congrats on getting the manuscript off to the publisher. I bet that was such an amazing moment. I'm really anxious to hear more about the book, but I understand that you have to keep details under wraps for now. An international book tour sounds amazing! 🙂

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