Giveaway: Nite Guard Solar

As we roll into the fall and winter months, food for predators can become a bit more scarce and harder to find. It is important to be especially vigilant during these times to keep our flock safe. Another type of predator proofing that we added  to our coop are Nite Guard Solars. We wanted to add them for a few reasons.

  • They work year round.
  • We don’t have to remember to turn them on. It’s automatic!
  • We don’t need to plug them in or change the batteries. They are solar powered.

Immediately we were thrilled with the results. We no longer noticed as many tracks around the coop and run area. Even the deer stopped munching on the surrounding gardens! Fast forward to today, two years later, and all four of our Solar Nite Guards still work like new!  Despite the harsh weather of the Northeast and the salty air from the sea, they continue to blink from dusk until dawn every single day. We can’t imagine the coop without them.

Two Chances to Win!
We are choosing two winners, each will win one Solar Nite Guard

Leave a comment on this blog with your email address to enter. (mandatory) Winners will be notified via email.

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Good Luck!
Fine Print: Two winners will be randomly selected to each win one Solar Nite Guard. Items ship to U.S. addresses only. Giveaway ends on 10/26/13 at noon EST. One entry per person. Winner notified by email only.

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  • Would love to win this! Theresa at Sunnydale Farm ([email protected])

  • I love NiteGuard…love love love!

  • Oh do I need this!! Fingers crossed!

    [email protected]

  • Would love to give these a go! [email protected]

  • Would love to have this for my new coop!

    [email protected]

  • Sure would love to win this to keep my girls safe!

  • This sounds like a really good idea. We could definitely use one.

    [email protected]

  • Could really use this
    [email protected]

  • I too would LOVE to win this for my goats and chickens. [email protected]

  • Wonder if it works for bears??? Either way would love it try it! [email protected]

  • what a wonderful idea. I already follow Tilly's, and here is my address: [email protected]. I'm going to suggest this to my friends with a koi pond who have been feeding expensive fish to the racoons!

  • Love it, Need it. lol [email protected]

  • I love you & I have one nite guard on my run now that I believe works great
    -Donna Rogers
    [email protected]

  • Love it. Need it. lol [email protected]

  • This sounds like a great product! We have had some predator activity around the coop lately (thankfully no one succeeded in entering the ladies' haven). Would love to try something that would keep them further away than the fencing!
    [email protected]

  • I would love to win one of these! I need to win one of these! I'm getting chickens next spring no matter what, I have an old tool/milk shed I'm converting at our family farm, but have to rely on my brothers that live there to keep watch over them at night…so I need these no matter what!!! Wonderful giveaway, thanks for the chance to win!! [email protected]

  • I would love to try these! We have a fox that has been lurking for a few weeks now. [email protected]

  • Love that they are solar-powered. Maybe I would not have had to re-locate possums and raccoons if I had some? [email protected]

  • We could sure use this! Glad to see another New Englander on here! Thanks, Allison, [email protected]

  • Oh I would love one. Have noticed something is snooping around the coop at night. Elaine
    [email protected]

  • We live in a high predator area, hawks, falcons, mink, weasels, fox, raccoon's, etc. It would be a God-send if we had something like this for the girls. [email protected]

  • I do see coyote, would love to have one! Andrea, [email protected]

  • I would love to have this to help protect my girls from predators! We lost half our flock in August to a dog attack. I wish we had be able to protect them more!
    [email protected]

  • Something keeps digging into the coop at night! This would be great. My girls are closed up tight within, but I really need to find time and funds to bury hardware cloth so the mystery animals stop burrowing into the run. soluckyducky at gmail dot com

  • lost 3 of my girls in the last week…I now have the dog as a nite guard. could use this I think. I am heartbroken but have learned the hardest way.
    thanks for the chance to win
    [email protected]
    already a fan!

  • I am in town and we have fox in the neighborhood. I would so love to have this added layer of security. Renee ([email protected])

  • Great prize. We sure could use one. Bear seen recently! Elizabeth [email protected]

  • I would love this, more so, my chickens would love this!!! Hillary: [email protected]

  • Would love this: [email protected]

  • These LOOK Awesome….I'd love to enter the contest Please!!! Thank You!!!

  • I've been ogling these for a year! [email protected]

  • Would love this as an addition to our girls' yard!!

  • I love your blog and would love to win! [email protected]

  • After watching the fox chase our neighbors chickens across the yard, we know we need one of these!

  • of course, the e-mail I should have included is [email protected]!

  • We could sure you this to guard our poultry flock 🙂
    [email protected]

  • So would love to win this for the peace of mind it would bring to me and my feathered friends! Good luck everyone!!!! 🙂
    Krissy M.

    [email protected]

  • We are just starting out, this would be a great addition! [email protected]

  • I definitely NEED to get some of these, too many possums near my coop!

  • I would love to win one of the Nite Guard Solars for my hen house. I live in fear that a big critter will get the ladies! [email protected]

  • @Tilly's Nest. Melissa, this is a wonderful giveaway! Thank you for the chance to win! And, Good Luck to everyone! Jean at ([email protected])

  • I love your blog. [email protected]

  • Your coop and garden are lovely!

  • Ooh love the coop and run! this product sounds like a useful one!

  • This is just what I need. [email protected]

  • I was just thinking about buying one of these! Winning one would be Great!
    [email protected]

  • I'm sorry but I bought two of these and they didn't keep a possum from getting into my pheasant pen and killing our male pheasant. It dug right under where we had this nite guard on a post 2' above the ground. We had installed one on each end of the pen. We buried our fence 18" under the ground after this and caught a huge raccoon in our live trap just last week after seeing where something again had dug in the same area of the pen. Live traps with cat food in them work much better.

    • It sounds like the Nite Guard Solars might have been hung up too high. According to the directions they should be hung at the eye level of the predator. The opossum are much lower to the ground than 2 feet. At that level I think they would be more effective for fox and coyotes.
      That being said, I don't think that it is ever a good to rely on only one type of predator proofing. Predator proofing locks, removing food and water from the outside run, burying the hardware cloth all the way around the coop into the ground, and locking up the chickens at night are all things that help against predators. I'm glad though that you were able to solve things and find techniques that were helpful for you and your situation.

  • That looks like an awesome tool! Would love it, Thanks!
    [email protected]

  • Would love to protect our hens with this product! [email protected]

  • I would love this to help protect my girls. Thanks for th chance to win.
    [email protected]

  • We would love to use them for our coop! My mother worries whenever the sun goes down that a predator will get in somehow and hurt our girls. Nite Guard Solar would help her sleep better! [email protected]

  • Would love one!!! [email protected]

  • Always looking to improve my coop – would love one of these – I know opposums need to eat too, but not my chickies!!! [email protected] Thanks for the chance to win.

  • I would like to keep predators from my fish pond as well as my chickens. I'm feeling lucky. [email protected]

  • I would sleep much better knowing my girls were better protected!! Thanks!!
    Brenda Cole

  • I'm building a new coop and sheep barn and I think this needs to be on it! I'd sleep better even if my girls are oblivious to what lurks in the night…

  • Good heavens. That photo of your coop in the garden is just absolutely stunning.

    • Thank you! Good Luck!

  • I'm a new reader and a new chicken keeper. I'm so glad to have found your blog! I've already bought the Treats for Chickens nesting box mix and love getting tips about products like Nite Guard Solar lights. Thanks for all that you do! Leah Charney: [email protected]

  • Sound awesome! I already follow Tilly's nest [zoechkin (at) gmail]

  • I would love to have a nite guard solar! I have wanted this for a long time now! Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!– [email protected]

  • Would love a nite guard solar for our new coop! Thanks! Alicia
    [email protected]

  • Possum Problems- would love to see if this works

  • What an awesome giveaway! Love following your blog & keeping up with your chicken stories and tips (as well as your bees). A giveaway… a bonus. Can't wait to see if I win 🙂

    [email protected]

  • What a great idea! Would love to have these around my chicken tractor for those nights I get home after dark and need to make sure my babies are safe from predators until I can get them into their secure night coop! Melissa thethoughtofyou(at)sbcglobal(dot)net Thank you for this opportunity to win!

  • This would be great to deter raccoons!

  • Sounds like a great solution, pick me!

    [email protected]

  • I love your blog posts and look forward to reading them. They have been very helpful.
    Thank you:)

    [email protected]

  • Hi, I just found your site and look forward to reading more 🙂 Thank you for the opportunity to win the Nite Guard Solar, it would be a blessing 🙂


  • My daughter is a new chicken keeper. This would be a great gift for her. Hope I win! Thanks for the chance!

  • As a new chicken owner since this summer, The Nite Guard would be so great to have since we always have coyotes, fox, and racoons sniffing around. We've been lucky so far. Thanks for the opportunity to possibly win this great product. [email protected]

  • I would love to try this product. We have hawks, racoons, fisher cats and coyotes. A fox recently devoured a hen in the middle of the day/ Just not something I want to explain to my kids. Thanks for sharing this information

  • Thanks for the chance to win..I'd love to give it a try, all the wild ones seem to be coming closer and closer.

  • wow, I have never seen these before and think it would be a great idea to have this on hand since I am having major issues with racoons and skunks here. thanks for the chance to win, definitely going to look these up irregardless of if I win or not! micaela6955 at msn dot com new GFC follower of your blog too!

  • I am fighting off city racoons. Man are they brave and meaner than any country racoon I ever ran into. This would wonderful to have especially on those nights were I don't get home before it get's dark and my coop door is still open. Sugarae_24 at yahoo dot com

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