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A Wreath Three Ways

Thanks for dropping in today. This week I’m sharing a wreath that I made for HGTV Gardens. I wanted to create a beautiful wreath that could transition from Halloween all the way through Thanksgiving. Having a versatile wreath like this helps to keep cost down and decorating dilemmas at bay.

Start off by hanging the wreath on your door with a black and white ribbon for Halloween.
With a quick ribbon change, this wreath can hang on your door until Thanksgiving.
Once turkey day arrives, simply removed the wreath from the door and take off the ribbon. Add this wreath to the center of your holiday table then fill it with a glass vase and candle. Voila! This is such a simple and easy Thanksgiving centerpiece.


This wreath was less than $20 to make.  For all the step by step DIY instructions, please visit my post over on HGTVGardens. While there, feel free to leave a comment or any other ideas you have for this wreath! I’d love to hear from you.
Now it’s Your Turn!
Do tell us all what has been happening over in your neck of the woods! Please share your crafts, decorating ideas, fall foliage, your gardens, your winter prepping, tell us about your animals (You know I love chickens!) and anything else that has you inspired. Feel free to share up to three links this week and do share us with your friends. I love seeing new people join this hop each week!
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  • Good morning, Melissa. I went over to HGTV Gardens and left a comment, but somehow it didn't take! Anyway – love that wreath! I think it would be beautiful to have a vase in the middle with yellow, orange and red mums for the thanksgiving table!

  • Such a unique and awesome design. I would love to try to make a wreath design too.

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