Five Minute Fall Decoration

October 9, 2013

The other day I was at Trader Joe’s and I stumbled upon these gorgeous stems of  miniature pumpkins on branches. I took a closer look. They were real! So I bought a bunch to decorate my entryway table.

This arrangement came together in less than five minutes, so easy for those of us who can’t seem to find enough minutes in the day! The best part, is the branches lasted for weeks. All I had to do was refresh the water now and then.
To learn more about the pumpkin tree plant or copy this arrangement at your place, head on over to my post for HGTV Gardens.

Photo Credit: Tilly’s Nest



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2 thoughts on “Five Minute Fall Decoration”

  1. Hi Melissa! Love your arrangement! What you have there is Ornamental Egg Plant also called Pumpkin on a Stick. I grow them in my cutting garden just for decorating with and they are a fabulous plant to grow and craft with. I use mine in wreaths, flower arrangement's to give them that added fall burst of color! thanks for sharing!


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