Tour de Coop: Kate in Los Angeles

September 2, 2013

I met Kate from Farmhouse 38 soon after I won the Blue Ribbon Blogger Award from Country Living Magazine back in 2011. Instantaneously, we developed a lovely friendship. We were two kindred spirits living on opposite coasts. There is just something about folks that keep chickens that makes you feel as though you have known one another all of your lives. Kate is one of those people. I was ecstatic on my last trip to Los Angeles that we were able to workout a visit in person. I could not wait to meet and take a little tour of her newly remodeled chicken coop. How could I resist!

Upon entering her yard, I was beckoned to the coop by a lovely patchwork pathway and an enchanting doorway. Immediately her coop took my breath away!  It is lovely.  Her chicken were more than happy to show me around.  They free-range most of the day as Kate tends to her gardens.


The chicken jail was open!  The coop is the perfect size for four hens. The run’s roof has a green roof  planted with sun loving plants.
I just love the star cut outs on the door covered with hardware cloth for ventilation. I peered inside and discovered a lovely home sweet home for Kate’s flock of four. Three nesting boxes were neat with straw right in front of me.

As I peered up, a green tidy shelf was organized with supplies.  Fresh herbs were drying from hooks on the right.

The food and water were placed under the nesting boxes and near the door.
Despite having a beautiful coop and run, her chickens could not have been happier showing me around the yard!
They showed me the compost bins.
They introduced me to their scarecrow.


Kate tells me this addition to the garden has kept the hawks away.


They shared with me the fairy garden. They seemed so proud of this delicate little spot under the canopy of the grapefruit tree.
They also showed me where to find the most delicious treats in the yard.
Soon enough, our visit was over. The hours seemed to pass all too quickly.  They always do when you are with dear friends. I can’t wait to visit again soon. I guess I should really thank the chickens.  After all, they were the ones who introduced us to each other in the first place.
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Photo Credit:  Tilly’s Nest


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  1. Just Beautiful! Thank you for the tour and thank you Kate for the inspiration! Now I have extreme-chickenyard-door-envy, but with my dear husband looking over my shoulder, he reminided me that a beautiful door like that wouldn't last long here with our Minnesota winters, oh pooh. But a girl can dream. ♥


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