In The Name of Science

September 27, 2013

Earlier this week my son came home very excited from school. As he hopped in the car, I could hear the excitement in his voice!

In school, his class has been learning about formulating hypotheses and conducting various science experiments. Last week, they had to theorize what would happen to gummy bears placed in water overnight. This upcoming week’s experiment would involve eggs. I loved that they were experimenting with eggs in science.

Working in teams, the class is going to devise contraptions to hold eggs. The goal of these contraptions is to keep the eggs intact when they drop them out a second story school window. All week he has been collecting household items to build the capsule today. The capsule base itself will be a water bottle. The kids can then decide how they want to house the egg inside the water bottle. Jacob collected felt, bubble wrap, paper bags, plastic bags, string, rubber bands and a few other goodies.

Two days ago, as his gears were turning in school; he took the experiment one step further. He wondered what would happen if the class built two identical capsules and placed a store-bought egg inside one and one of our chicken’s eggs inside another. Would one egg hold up better than the other? Would the quality of the egg shell matter? Would the age of the egg matter? These were all great questions! He then wondered if the smaller Silkie Bantam eggs would do better than the larger hens’ eggs.

Well, his teacher loved all of these questions so much; she requested that we send in eggs today for Monday’s experiment. So with thanks to Oyster Cracker and Dolly, Jacob took four eggs into school. Secretly, I can only hope that there is a difference in our favor. I told Jacob as I kissed him goodbye, I’m on “Team Tilly”. He smiled and was on his way.

Stay tuned for the results…

Update: 10.9.13. Well, as suspected, none of the backyard chicken eggs broke. Neither the Silkie Eggs or the Standard Sized eggs! Hooray for backyard chickens!
Photo Credit:  Tilly’s Nest


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