Giveaway: Cody Sanantonio Chicken Necklace

August 19, 2013

Cody Sanantonio is an artisan jeweler who makes beautiful creations using various materials. Her sterling silver pieces are exquisite. Her work has been featured in Bead and Button Magazine Beautiful Jewelry Edition in 2011 and today I am thrilled to share with you that she is giving away to our readers this beautiful rooster and hen necklace.

4 Ways to Enter to Win

1. Leave a comment on this post with your email address. Please tell me which other optional entries below you did as well if any. (1 entry-mandatory)

2.Visit Cody Sanantonio’s Facebook page and tell her Tilly’s Nest sent you. (1 entry)

3. Follow Cody Sanantonio on Twitter. (1 entry)

4. Become a follower of Tilly’s Nest, your options are on the right (1 entry)

Good Luck!
Contest Rules: Up to 4 entries per person. Item ships to US address only. Retail value: $140.00 Contest ends on 8/29/13 at noon EST. One random winner will be notified by email only.


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85 thoughts on “Giveaway: Cody Sanantonio Chicken Necklace”

  1. Good Morning! I just love chickens and have 27 of my own. I would LOVE to have this beautiful necklace! Thanks for giving it away!
    Tierney Clark

    I am also going to visit the artists FB page and enter there!

  2. This is one of the loveliest pieces of chicken themed jewelry that I've ever seen! Thanks for sharing this artist with us and for offering the contest!

    I posted on Cody's facebook page and I am a follower of Tilly's nest on facebook and RSS feed.

    Natalie (nebishop @

  3. Went to Cody Sanantonio's Facebook page an LIKED it along with leaving the message Tilly's Nest Sent Me. Just moved from NJ to Kentucky, just finished building our 1st coop and ou first chickens will be coming over the weekend. We are so excited and my wife would just go crazy over that gorgeous jewelry .
    Greg Sims

  4. Have to say that the necklace is the first to catch my eye in a long time. Very unique and of course I love my flock of chickens. Glad it caught my attention as I found a new blog and facebook page to follow. Thanks Rae

  5. Hi, I am a new chicken mommy and I love your blog! I have learned alot from your blog about taking care of my new babies. I have never had chickens before and I have 5 beautiful chickens in my barn. I am now following Cody on FB and love this necklace she is giving away!
    Nicolle Ekkeren

  6. Very Nice. I visited Cody Sanantonio Jewelry and let them know that Tilly's Nest sent me. I also added you on facebook and now leaving comment. I do not twitter or I would have gone there as well.

  7. Good morning! I would like to enter the contest for the cute necklace. I follow your page and I liked the jewelry page or #2 of the 4 things to enter. My chicken was also chicken of the day on your page. Love those babies! My grandson is in 4H and raises chickens. He always does really good at the county fair every year. Last year got best of breed! Thanks

  8. My email is… I visited Cody Sanantonio Jewelry and posted that Tilly's Nest sent me. I have you added on facebook.I'm now leaving a comment. I'm follower on twitter and Tilly's Nest and continue to.Yr chickens are beautiful.My grandfather had tons of chickens before he passed away.The necklace is adorable,hope I win!Have a great day!! 🙂

  9. She does beautiful work! I liked her on FB and told her you sent me, I follow her on Twitter and I follow you through RSS feed at My Yahoo. My email address is: aunthoney at frontiernet dot net.

  10. Hi 🙂
    I visited Codysanantonio's etsy page and "ohmy"
    I am also going to follow Tilly~ I didn't know I wasn't…
    I would love to win and wear this necklace is it absolutely beautiful!!
    Thank you for the chance 🙂

  11. Wow! I'd love to win this necklace. I grew up with chickens and always enjoyed them. I will be buying my first house this year and will get more chickens as soon as we get setup. This necklace would be great to hold me over. I checked out Cody Sanantonio's facebook page and told her you sent me. I also started following her on twitter. I already follow Tilly's Nest on Facebook and Pinterest.

    p.s. I also have a cat name Tilly 🙂

  12. So generous of the offer for that delightful necklace! My email is I also went to her website and have been a Facebook follower of yours for a while now! Thanks for offering this to us.

  13. Thanks for the opportunity to win this unique necklace. I love your blog so much. I am learning so much from you about chickens. I now have 7 chickens. They are so much fun to watch. Your blog is one of the first I check each day. Check out my new chicken coop and run.

  14. How beautiful! !! Would love to wear this to church. (And work. ) my friends an family all think I am the crazy chicken lady. Lol
    I went to her facebook page and commented on Tilly's Nest.

  15. I'm so glad I checked out Tilly's Nest today! Have been reading lots of your articles in my emails from Community and just decided to become a follower, came to your sight, and now I have a chance to win a beautiful "chicken" necklace!
    Thanks so much! I look forward to the coming articles, pictures, etc.! my email is

  16. How cute! I love Cody's jewelry. I posted on her FB page, am following her on Twitter and "Liked" your FB page, as well! I'm so glad I found this page — it's delightful!

  17. Came over from Community Chickens! Love your feathered friends, and the necklace is so sweet.
    I followed Tilly's Nest on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter, and followed Cody Sanantonio as well both on Facebook and Twitter. (told her Tilly's Nest sent me!)
    Looking forward to reading more!


  18. Oh I love this beautiful jewelry!! I hope I did everything in order to enter this give away! I'm new with computers! Please add me to the list! I love your work!!

  19. I entered all four ways…Twitter…Joined/am now following your blog…"liked" Toni Sananyonio's facebook page…and am now leaving this comment:

    I love chickens…I just know I will enjoy your blog posts…and I love the jewelry being offered. Thank you for offering such a nice prize.

    My email:

  20. I love your blog..I found you while investigating the bouts of missing chickens. Chicken has been MIA for a week now and I just lost my other 2 to a coyote the other day. They are my golden treasures and can't believe they are gone. I saw the necklace and fell in love with it..I posted and liked on Cody's fb page..thank you for sharing all your wisdom and magic on chickens..we need more of that in our world!

  21. I love your blog..Two of my chickens just got taken by a coyote and one is MIA..I found you by searching chickens MIA in hopes that she is just nesting..they are my golden your blog made me smile..I love the necklace..posted and liked Cody's page and would love to be a follower of your blog..thank you for sharing your magic with all of us chicken lovers..

  22. I adore this necklace. I can't wait to get my chickens. I still have to wait awhile, about a year and a half. My hubby retires next year so we can finally settle down and get chickens.shuttermom77 at gmail dot com. I visited Cody's facebook and told her you sent me. I am following Cody on twitter at acottagedream. I follow your blog on bloglovin' @ the simplified home.

  23. I LOVE this website. I am from Alabama originally and lived on 40 acres so your site feels and sounds like home plus my mother-in-law used to live in New Seabury. She has just moved to a home in Milton. I am going to facebook and becoming a follower.

  24. When I have a question I always go to your blog..Have only had chickens for a year and loving every moment. I have four eggs that will be hatching on Monday. So looking forward to our new additions. I would love to win that awesome necklace..Thank you for educating me for the last year on how to raise safe and beautiful hens.

  25. I love your blog and someday hope to have some backyard chickens, just need to convince my husband. I liked Cody's Facebook page and follow Tilly's Nest on Pinterest. Thanks for such a cute giveaway!!

  26. I just discovered your site after doing a chicken related search on Google. I'm now following you via email and I've liked Cody's FB page. Great giveaway, thanks for the chance to win such a beautiful necklace.

  27. Oh such a cute necklace.
    I love my chickens, I love jewelry and I would love to win!!
    I'll make some additional entries through your other options!!

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