Chickens Stories from Our Nest

What’s Right in the World According to Chickens

In times when there is so much animosity, violence, sadness, mistrust, political unrest and economic woes I find it difficult to learn of new struggles somewhere in the globe everyday. I don’t like to watch the news on the television anymore. The stories that they tell are predominantly of strife. Instead on warm summer evenings, I’d rather turn on the Chicken TV!

You see, most things are right in my world of chickens.

For the most part, everyone gets along.  There is an occasional tiff over a freshly found worm, a favorite nesting box take-over or having first dibs on fresh treats from the kitchen but no one takes to violently harming or killing another.

They have respect for one another. They understand one another’s position in the flock and know that each position that is held is necessary for the flock to run smoothly.

The awkward teenage years are short lived.

No one goes hungry or thirsty.

Everyone has a bedtime snack.

They feel safe at night locked up in their coop.

They always wake up in a wonderful mood, happy to live another day and enjoy the outdoors.

Family is important. They are always together.

They seek comfort and companionship. Even on the warmest of summer evenings, they still nuzzle together close as can be up on the perches.

They enjoy the art of relaxing.

They love a good nap.

They like to be clean and take elaborate long baths in the dust. Sometimes a few bathe together.

They believe in sharing. The roosters always give up their precious finds to the ladies.

Chivalry is not dead. It is alive and well in all flocks with roosters.

They don’t have iphones or any other distracting electronic devices.

They are colorblind and can live harmoniously in a flock with many different breeds.

They take care of their young.

They live life to the fullest.

Photo Credit: Tilly’s Nest


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