Chickens Stories from Our Nest

How Does Your Heart Grow?

Happy to sit in my lap.

The chickens make me laugh, especially Oyster Cracker these days.

Early in the mornings, I see her peeking out the coop window, looking for me.  As the others are busy laying eggs, eating and waking up, there she sits perched in the coop calling out to me with her eyes. “Hey, open the door already!”

When I do go and open them up, she is usually one of the first ones out.  It just has to be that way.  Usually, she comes out simultaneously through the little coop door with one of the Sikies. Yet yesterday, she came out at the same time as Sunshine.  There they were my two Buff Orpingtons. The were carrying on, stuck in the door for a moment squawking to one another as they held up the entire morning parade of chickens through the coop door.  Finally, with a bit of chicken team work and wiggling, they all made their way into the run.

Each morning, Oyster Cracker is the first one to hop up on one of the logs in the run and quickly survey the scene.  Today, as I collected eggs she spied our puppy, Sara.  She let out the biggest alarm.  Then ran over to Sara, investigated and suddenly remembered, Oh, I know you!  Then as Sara sniffed at her through the hardware cloth, Oyster Cracker carried on the sweetest cooing conversation with her.  I wonder what they chatted about?

Later this morning, I weeded out the garden. I tossed into the run some kale, swiss chard and lettuce that was a bit past its prime. As the rest of the flock dove into the goodies like heat sinking missiles. Oyster Cracker was content to hop up into my lap and sit for a spell.  Hot, heavy and feathered beyond anyone’s most extravagant boa, sat my girl.  Usually my most greedy girl, she decided that she would rather be showered with affection today.

As my body felt like melting in this unbelievable heat wave and under her luscious plumage, I could feel my heart melting more. I didn’t think it was possible to love them anymore than I already do.  Yet, each time my heart melts, I think it grows bigger and changes.  I guess that is just the way things work.  It is the way nature reworks the mold.  It sculpts us, forges us, changes us and teaches us.  Some of the greatest lessons are learned with our hearts. What has melted yours lately?

Photo Credit:  Tilly’s Nest

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