Make A Gardening Apron

July 31, 2013
  This week I am sharing a lovely gardening apron that I wrote about for HGTV Gardens.  The apron was a simple easy project.  By designing it myself, I was able to make a place for everything-including using a pocket for my cell phone.  This helps me keep track of my tools that I am constantly misplacing as I work in the garden.

The pockets are deep.  This keeps the tools from falling out as I bend over.
One of my favorite features is the twine holder.  This makes it SO simple to tie up falling perennials and vegetable plants.
What do you like to keep in your gardening apron? Here is how you too can make an apron like mine for you, a friend or a little gardener in your life. To view all of my gardening and crafting posts for HGTV Gardens, click here.

Photo Credit:  Tilly’s Nest


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