Giveaway: Slug Shield’s Stem Barriers and Perimeter Barrier

June 15, 2013

Spring this year on Cape Cod has been wet to say the least.  We have had record amounts of rain.  The lawn is the greenest I have seen in years and the chicken run has plenty of shade from the leaves on the trees. The grass is growing at record pace and tiny mushrooms are peeping up everywhere from the ground.  Unfortunately with all the rain comes two bugs that I do not like, ticks and slugs.

A few weeks ago, I was approached by a new company that I had never heard of, Slug Shield.  They asked if I would be interested in testing out their products in my gardens.  Of course, I jumped at the opportunity because I have many plants in the garden that slugs just adore.  From vegetables, to Hostas and Joe Pye Weed, my gardens are a slug’s dream. Not to mention how bad slugs can be for your backyard chickens.

I typically use ground up eggshells and an organic gardening product that contains iron phosphate to battle these slimy critters.  I have had good success, but was there something better on the market that would last more than one season, be effective and organic?  I was introduced to Slug Shield.

I was sent some wrap-around varieties called Stem Barriers.

These quickly wrap around the stems of the plants like so.
I was also sent the Perimeter Barrier that can be applied to raised beds or they can be inserted into the ground and form a barrier around a bunch of plants/stems.

I can tell you that these are effective.  They work and have helped combat slugs in my garden.  I also love that they do not bother the chickens one bit! I did a side by side test using the iron phosphate on a Hosta and  only the Perimeter Barrier on the Joe Pye Weed.  After three weeks, there was a little bit of munching on the Joe Pye Weed, but it was my own fault.  The plant had grown to touch the garden gate and those mischievous slugs found there way to the plant that way.

My happy Hosta and Joe Pye Weed
3 Sets to 3 Winners
each set contains one 32 foot roll of Perimeter Barrier + a 12 pack of Stem Barriers 
each set is valued at $49.50

Here’s how to enter to win a set of your very own for your garden:
Four ways to enter!
1. Visit Slug Shield’s website and tell me what you like best about their product. (1 entry)
2. Pay them a visit on Facebook, Tell them Tilly sent you. (1 entry)
3. Becomes a subscriber of Tilly’s Nest, your options are on the right (1 entry)
4. Leave a comment on this post with your email address. (1 entry-mandatory) Be sure to leave your address, I can’t contact you unless you do.

Fine Print:  The opinions in this article are my own. I was provided complimentary products for this review. Three winners will be selected at random. Items ship to US residents only. Four entries only per person.  Giveaway ends 6/19/13.

Photo Credits: Slug Shield and Tilly’s Nest


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  1. I like it because it is chemical free! I use a garlic-pepper tea but after every rain (which is happening a lot recently) I have to reapply. It is very effective…if I get out there right after the rain. I visited their website and liked them on Facebook. Linda email:


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