The Chickens of Key West

May 31, 2013

My husband was away on business down in Key West. He saw some beautiful birds while he was away.  Some he had never seen before.  It was very exciting for him to add these to his growing “Life List” of all the birds he has seen. Yet, he never imagined that he would discover a thriving feral chicken population living on the island.


A local business has even set up this chick brooder for baby chicks that are discovered motherless in the streets.  Abandoned chicks can live in this orphanage until they are strong enough to survive on their own.
I think this sign he found a a local eatery says it all, looks like it is all about the chickens here!
Photo Credits: Mr. Tilly’s Nest


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2 thoughts on “The Chickens of Key West”

  1. I went to Key West last December and was amazed at the amount of chickens there. Luckily they are protected and hurting them is against the law. While I was there, I met a chap who knew one of the local Roos. He picked him up for a cuddle and the roo didn't mind. They seem quite friendly. I am so pleased a local business is helping the chicks.

  2. I lived in Key West for several years as a child, and it seemed natural to see the chickens downtown. Now, many years later, I visited KW for a day while our cruise ship was docked there, and I enjoyed seeing them again. I actually took a lot of pictures of the chickens – and this was years before I ever thought about having chickens! Looking back, I can now see that I've always kinda sorta collected things-chicken; amazing! Now I have two little ones of my own!!! Life is Good!


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