Harmony in the Hen House

May 25, 2013

It’s been a while since I have shared any stories about the girls.  Perhaps, that is because we have finally found a flock that jives with personalities.  There are no more roosters to wreak havoc.  There are no more bully hens. The chicken drama has been gone for a while. Everything and everyone has just settled into their daily routines.  I do have to admit that it is a wonderful thing knowing that everyone is happy.  Of course that doesn’t mean that there isn’t an occasional fight over a goodie that I have shared from the kitchen.


Or that our Silkies have stopped going broody every three weeks.
Or that Sunshine can’t resist eating an egg now and then…Bad chicken.



Or that 4 chickens don’t try to cram into the same hole for a dust bath.  Yes, there are 4 chickens in there.
I think that there is definitely something to be said for harmony in the hen house.
Photo Credits:  Tilly’s Nest


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4 thoughts on “Harmony in the Hen House”

  1. So funny – we have 4 brown shavers and we call them 'the girls' too. They live and work in harmony and we just love them.

    They are good layers and give us lots of reasons to smile with their funny behaviour patterns.


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