Garden Pest Control with Plants

May 22, 2013

I thought I’d share some techniques to prevent pests from eating your freshly planted gardens. There are super plants that can help to keep garden pests at bay and attract beneficial insects.  This cuts down on the use of fertilizers and other chemicals that we do not wish to use in our gardens.  After all, we do keep honeybees and have chickens roaming the place! The list is by no means comprehensive, but I wanted to share what I have picked up along the way in my gardening adventures.  I started with well known plants that are recognizable to most gardeners and are also readily available at most local nurseries. Pest control using plants.  So simple.

Garlic bulbs ready for planting this past fall.

Those garlic bulbs this spring

Flower Power & Herbal Bug Busters
Wards off mosquitoes, flies, aphids, Tomato Hornworm and Asparagus Beetles.
Wards off beetles, spider mites, some say it will ward off small animals such as rabbits
Repels carrot flies, attracts spiders, ladybugs and praying mantis.
Repels aphids, weevils, carrot flies, moles and fruit tree borers, rust flies and some worms, Protects tomatoes from red spiders. Protects roses-black spot, mildew and aphids.
Keeps mice and moles at bay, wards off ticks, fleas and moths
Repels harmful worms, keeps small animals away, beetles
Wards off aphids, White Moths and flea beetles. Attracts Bees. Wards off ants
Wards off aphids, cucumber beetles, white flies and squash bugs.
Wards off leaf hoppers, aphids, Tomato Worms, Asparagus Beetle, Bean Beetles and general pests.
Wards off mites
Cabbage Flies, Carrot Moths, Bean Beetles
Photo Credit: Tilly’s Nest
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6 thoughts on “Garden Pest Control with Plants”

  1. Thanks for that list! Most of my stuff got eaten this spring, but I will be planting again in fall, so this gives me time to get these in the ground!


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