Craft a Home Sweet Home for Ladybugs

May 17, 2013

ladybug home

ladybug home

This week we made a ladybug home.  Ladybugs are just one type of beneficial insect that can help in and around the garden.  It sure beats using pesticides any day and stays in line with our organic gardening, even the roof is green with succulents!  I used a birdhouse we found on-sale at the craft store, salvaged some fallen bamboo from around Cape Cod and of course-chicken wire was used on the roof.   Learn how to make a ladybug home of your own, head on over to HGTV Gardens where I have shared all of the instructions.

Photo Credit: Tilly’s Nest


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9 thoughts on “Craft a Home Sweet Home for Ladybugs”

  1. Oh my goodness I love this! Making one today for sure. It will look super cute next to my toad house. Do you have any organic tips for bugs and creepy crawlies that we don't want in gardens? Like slugs and snails? or the garter snake that really wants to eat my poor garden toad?

    • Hi Kp, thank you! Some of my favorite organic techniques for snails and slugs include crushing eggshells and scattering them in the gardens as well as a product containing Iron Phosphate (brand names Sluggo and also Earth Tone Slug and Snail from Espoma). Happy gardening!

  2. I loved this and shared it on FB with others. I often get some that get stuck in the house in the winter and have tried to overwinter them without success. Any ideas on a habitat for a couple of lady bugs for winter?

    • I am certainly no expert, but I might suggest making some tiny air holes in a container and filling it with lots of twigs. You can add moisture with a spray bottle and my only other thoughts would be some sort of food source. I do believe there is some commercially available. You are such a dear to love those little bugs so very much!

  3. Ooo loo this is very sweet especially in red. I was reading in a Gardening Australia Magazine about a DIY house for native bees and it looks very similar to this. It is already on my to-do list.


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