Tour de Coop: Melissa in Mashpee

April 16, 2013
“Hope is a thing with feathers.”~Emily Dickinson
Melissa has become a friend of mine that I met through social networking. Ironically, she only lives about 20 minutes away from me. Our paths seemed to keep overlapping and I was thrilled to have been invited to her house to see her coop and meet the girls.

Tucked away in a corner of her backyard are her two beautifully made coops.  Of course, like most of us, she started with the smaller one on the right and realized that she had to have more chickens and a larger coop.  She is currently in the process of acclimating newer pullets on the right into her existing flock on the left. She keeps the runs divided with a pass through door in the center. Immediately I was greeted at the gate by her beautiful flock.

Each coop has plenty of nesting boxes for her hens.  She uses hanging metal feeders and metal waterers.  Pine shavings fill the coops and nesting boxes.
Two of her older girls were busy laying eggs in the other coop.  They were curious to see us take a peek under the lid.
She also keeps her chickens locked up for safety.  Believe it or not, people are listed as predators for chickens.  Sometimes, people will come into your yard and steal your flock.
Her chickens are very docile and friendly.  Most enjoy being handled and held.
Melissa’s coop and run set up is thoughtful, practical and well thought through.  The runs are large with ample space for her two flocks with room to grow in the future. She treats them to scratch and treats during the day and there is a flock block in the run as well as a treat ball hanging nearby.  The best part are the eggs that Melissa is rewarded with on a daily basis.

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Photo Credit:  Tilly’s Nest


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  1. Hi
    My parents have a house in pocasset and we were going every summer. I love Cape Cod and all it's beauty. The smell of grass and flowers are embedded in my memories forever. As soon as i get ther we hit the local nursery and buy flowers and start planting and fixing the yard. We can walk to the beach in our neighboorhood and spend lazy days laying in the sun, searching for qohogs and barbaquing. I love to walk around and admire the neighboor's yards and there is a great antique shop by the Bourne Bridge and I even liked the take it or leave it room at the dump.Dunchin Donuts is the best there, they don't know how to make coffee anywhere else!The shops in Mashpee are fun to visit once or twice. My parents have been renting out their house the last several years and we don't come. I miss it sooo much. I could walk down the street to the cafe and would stop at the church with the kids and lay under the huge tree with fluffy grass. Laurie Wind


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