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March 19, 2013

As most of you know, I have come to have a very special place in my heart for my flock.  Some folks thought that I was crazy to have come to love, appreciate and value chickens.  After all, this blog was named after my head hen, Tilly.  She is a funny little whippersnapper who takes head hen business very seriously. One of her most endearing traits is how she loves to chat.  She narrates life, play by play.  Whether she is laying an egg, outside discovering a tender morsel, putting Dolly in her place or exploring the yard, she always has a tune to sing and a story to tell.  Often when I lock them up at night, Tilly is nestled in between snoring Oyster Cracker and Sunshine.  She is awake.  She tells me goodnight and I tell her I love her, and so it has gone for the past few years.

Sunshine, Tilly and Oyster Cracker by Lauren Scheuer
When I had the pleasure of reading Lauren Scheuer’s book, Once Upon A Flock, I was overjoyed!  She has written a sweet memoir about her flock of backyard chickens.  Finally, someone else gets it; gets what I love about my girls and adore about keeping chickens.  It is much more than the eggs.  It is connecting.  Her sketches make me giggle.  Her hands may sketch and write the words but her heart tells the story.  Yes, some folks may call me a crazy chicken lady.  I know better.  Sometimes it takes another kindred spirit to shine the light on things that are overlooked in the world.  Thank you Lauren, for shining your beautiful light. 

“…This must-have for animal lovers also features Scheuer’s drawings, which along with photographs, enhance the endearing text.”- Publisher’s Weekly

“…Chickens are people, too. They form bonds, have spats, make new friends and even fall in love…” Tamara Staples

“…This is the book I wish I’d read when I brought my first chicks home from the feed store…”-Amy Stewart

Once Upon A Flock is available for purchase today and available at all major booksellers and we are giving one away on Tilly’s Nest too!  One random winner will be selected. Item ships to a US address only.  One entry per person.  Giveaway ends 3.23.13 at 12 midnight EST.  Please leave a comment and an email address on this blog post to enter to win your very own copy. 
Tilly’s Nest is the first stop on Lauren’s fun and fabulous blog tour.  Be sure to check out the schedule below for more fun with Lauren Scheuer.  You can also find Lauren on Facebook.

~Once Upon a Flock~ 
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Happy National Poultry Day!

Original Sketch: Lauren Scheuer


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102 thoughts on “Once Upon A Flock Blog Tour and Giveaway”

  1. I love your tales of your sweet chickens! So happy for you, Lauren and pray that you have much success and love!! I still have Barbara, my Barred Rock, in honor of yours!!! Blessings!! Janetta Dobler

  2. I love Lauren's illustrations and lovely stories – her blog makes me laugh and cry and I can't wait to read her new book! Thanks Tilly's Nest for the chance to win a copy!


    npebishop (at) gmail . com

  3. All the best success on your book and I'm looking forward to following the blog tour this week. I have 7 lovely ladies (ok 2 are a little domineering and pushy) who provide me and my friends with delicous eggs. Hope I win. Deborah in Atlanta at omahaflash@bellsouth.net

  4. I'm on a new adventure looking for a place in the country and am planning on having a bunch of chickens. This book would really help me out in my new adventure. Thank you, Laurie Wynne (LaurieWynne@aol.com)

  5. I started a flock of laying hens on my farm two years ago now. I really enjoy their shenanigans! Hours of entertainment in chickens.

    Hamletgrove at yahoo

  6. Folks think I'm a crazy chicken lady, too. I feel bad for the chicken-less – they just don't know how much fun they can be! Looking forward to reading this memoir. Thanks for the chance to win a copy. Tell Lauren to stop by Goodreads.com for some publicity options – as a reader I love that site but I hear they do good things for authors, too.

  7. Oh how adorable the picture of your girls are. You are not crazy. Those of us who love and adore our chickens know something the rest of the world doesn't. I just love the chatter when I am out with my girls. They are so spoiled by me that when I am out they are calling me continuously but if my husband goes out there they are quiet as a mouse. Like, "Oh it's only him." Thanks for the chance.

  8. It is so wonderful that Lauren's work has become a book. I have loved her blog and her sharing of the love of chickens. I'm so jealous that I can't keep chickens here. 😀 Your gals are so gorgeous! A fun mix to have around.

  9. I'm a crazy chicken lady too and a huge fan of Scratch and Peck. I would love to win a copy of Lauren's new book! Thanks for the lovely giveaway and I look forward to browsing your blog as well!

  10. I can't wait to read this book! I have read and seemed to have lived other tales such as Bob Tarte's "Enslaved by Ducks!" People who can capture their lives with birds in text have a very special gift! congratulations!

  11. I have just discovered her wonderful blog, and am reading all the back issues. How great if there is a book too!

  12. May she have the best success on her book. we have 9 ladies and Mr.Roo, we decided to add 6 new blonde to the group to shake up the red head Rhode island reds and those superstunning back n gold sixlengths. my boys say , yup time to see if even blonde chickens act blonde lol. I really enjoy your blog. sinsmith45@gmail.com

  13. can't wait to find the book!! I grew up on a farm with lots of chickens,but never new the joy and individual nature of these creatures of God til I got amall flock of my own.
    God bless!!!!!

  14. Oh, this comes at the perfect time.
    My mother is now a crazy chicken lady – and as we all know, we all turn into our mothers sooner or later – I am sure to be one too.
    This book sounds like a wonderful read to learn and laugh by.

  15. Ha! My nephew called me that! I, too, have a special bond with several of my girls. They do have individual personalities and quirks. I love that I found Tilly's Nest and some other great blogs to share our mutual admiration for our feathered friends:) Thank you, Linda email: palkrendl@hotmail.com

  16. SO exciting! Chickens are so fun, I NEVER thought I would be so close to my girls, but they are so very tame. If I am in the house while they are out, they peck at the door for me! I would LOVE this book!

  17. I preordered this book when I first heard of it so no need to enter me into the contest, but wanted to post to say how happy I am about this book and how cool it is that there are other out there that love chickens like I do!

  18. I have (10) girls and I love them so much. I can fully understand how you could write a book about their adventures as they are so funny, loving, and such characters and everyday is definitely a new adventure! Good luck and I am excited to get and read for myself and to my grandaughter

  19. I love your blog! Lauren's blog is one of my favorite blogs. I love her drawing, they are so adorable. I too have gotten called a chicken nerd… I would love this book! Thank you!

  20. Love reading anything about chickens, especially heartwarming stories. The drawings are so cute.
    rudyvillefarm@gmail. com

  21. Oh my goodness, I never win anything, but I would be delighted to win this book. We are brand new to the world of chickens, and I just can't imagine a day without my feathered kids. In fact last night I sat in my lawn chair in the coop with the babies and watched them eat…and didn't have a worry in the world while doing that. 😀

  22. I am just dying to get my own small backyard flock started. Waiting on a few things in the universe to align, and then I'm there!

  23. I totally get it. I love my girls, Purl, Beatrice, Lace and Stitch. They are so much company and so much entertainment. I love to drink my tea with them and visit. I also love the children's book, "Mrs. Huggins and Her Hen Hannah." h_jankowski@att.net

  24. I just love chickens. My great grandmother bought me my first chickens, a pair of bantums. Love of chickens came at a very early age. My husband and I love our Ameraucanas,Sussex, and Bard Rock. It would be wonderful to win your book. Wishing!

  25. I have no chickens, only two used-to-be-stray cats. BUT I love reading your blog and learning more and more about all things chicken. I would SO enjoy this book; then pass it on to my friend who does have backyard chickens. ~Jonell sejotess@yahoo.com

  26. We've been waiting for this book! Would love to win one, just not sure about leaving my email address.

  27. Non-chicken-appreciator friends think I've gone off the deep end when I insist chickens are way more entertaining than TV. Thanks to Lauren for showing how it really is with chickens (and the people who love them).

  28. Just starting to learn about feathered people–largely from these wonderful, warm, caring, funny (and sometimes sad) blogs. Would love to start a new shelf in the animal-book library with this one. Thank you for the chance. mcy3 [at] yahoo [dot] com

  29. I've spent much time reading,laughing and tearing up while reading your wonderful blog. Your chickens, and your affection for them , remind me of how valuable animals ( and birds) are to a happy life.
    Well done.

  30. Second best thing about Once Upon A Flock is getting introduced to these new blogs. Yay for Tilly's Nest. I'm happy to have found you. Can't wait to see the book, one way or another!

  31. It's been so good to know that I'm not the only one who actually LOVES her chickens. I can't tell you how much better it makes me feel to know there are so many other chickens receiving the love they all deserve. Your drawings and stories warm my heart and I'm certain Lauren's will too – whether I win or buy the book. Thank you so much.

  32. LoveLoveLove your pictures!! and Blog!!! Hoping to get chickens this Spring, or next. Gotta get the coop built first!Thanks for a wonderful resource in your site.

  33. Love your blog, Love the Chickens, Love Lauren's new book! It will be a good read I can tell. I really Love your illustrations of your chicks!!
    Happy Pecking!!

  34. I absolutely love reading all or your tales about your adventures with your chickens. I look forward to seeing a post in my email and can't wait to read your new book! Thanks so much for bringing a ray of sunshine into my life!

  35. This is a really nice website. Congrats on your award. Look forward to your new book. I like to write too. There was a little blurb about my coop and critters in this months Hobby Farms. Greetings from sunny, but cold Fairbanks, Alaska.

  36. I enjoy your blog so much. I unfortunately had to give up my chickens last year because of health reasons. No one understands why I miss them so much. Thanks for making me feel that it is OK to be a "crazy chicken lady." — chrysalisbutterfly@att.net

  37. I inherited 4 pullets a few years ago and fell in love. Who would have guessed how much personality a chicken can have? I am thinking my developmentally delayed neighbor, who loves animals, would really appreciate a copy. I wish you much luck, I have been entertained by Lauren's blog since owning chickens and wish to share the love.


  38. I've raised chickens and loved them. And I always tell people that they're a lot smarter than people think! Thank you to all you fine women who appreciate chickens!

  39. Cuuute!! I love that you adore your chickens! I wish I had some myself…. Animals are great friends and companions and I'm sure chickens make very entertaining ones! Keep on loving them! 🙂

  40. I also can't wait to read the book. I feel the same about my little flock. They have been so much more then I could have ever imagined. Just checked my local library and they have a copy on order…so in case I don't win, will be checking out of the library!

    Thank you again for all the great information and giveaways!!


  41. I have been looking forward to this book coming out ~ but haven't been to the stores yet! Lauren's stories and illustrations on her blog always leave me smiling ~ would love to win a copy of her book! Thanks for the chance!

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