How Do Chickens Prepare for a Snow Storm?

February 8, 2013
Oyster Cracker gives me the stink eye!

A huge winter blizzard is heading our way.  I took the time yesterday to clean the coop, cover the run with some plastic and refill all the feeders and waterers.  This morning when I opened the coop, the winds were beginning to whip and a wet light snow was beginning to fall.  Surely the chickens sense that the storm is coming.  Just what do they do when there is an impending storm?

They scratch in the run.
They lay eggs.
They eat their fill of chicken feed.
They fluff their feathers.
They take dust baths.
They snuggle together on the outside roosts.
They take naps.
They peck at the head of cauliflower in the run to prevent boredom.
Oyster Cracker gives me the stink eye when I can’t snuggle at the moment.

Hmm…seems just like what they do every day.

I don’t think the chickens care that the blizzard is coming.  They are acclimated to the weather and to them, this is just another day in chicken paradise, at least until they realize that there will be no free-ranging for a bit due to snow up to their eyeballs that the weather man is predicting!

Photo Credit:  Tilly’s Nest


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13 thoughts on “How Do Chickens Prepare for a Snow Storm?”

  1. LOL Yep! We've covered the bottom of the run with hay and leaves so they've been spending the day scratching through it…or roosting on the "playground" in the run. For some reason they have 0 interest in going out to free range! LOL

  2. Much the same here. Cleaned out the coop and run today, it was finally unfrozen!! Loaded up the run full of straw for scratching. Refilled feeders, and added an extra one in case I am delayed due to the snow. My girls were totally uninterested in free ranging today either???? They came out to the "treat spot" ate the blueberries I had out for them and returned to the run as soon as they were done. I had to work around them!


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