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The Snowy Season

This week was a tough one for us New Englanders.  We were hit by a very large blizzard this past Friday.  I have spent much of my time since then helping friends and family to pick up the pieces.  This time around, our family was much more fortunate.  Many are still without power and temperatures in the evening have been below freezing.  Today, I saw electric utility trucks all the way from Wisconsin-here to help. I thought I would share some photos.
The back garden
Spring in the back garden
Beehives in the blizzard
Beehives in spring
Looking into the front yard (see the chairs?)
Late spring in the front garden
Thank goodness I added the tarp.
Springtime near the hen house

Photo Credit: Tilly’s Nest

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  • Wow! We used to live in New Jersey before we moved to Georgia and we do not miss the snow storms. We get one or two days of snow here, enjoy it and then back to normal weather. Thanks so much for hosting! I look forward to seeing what everyone has been up to!

  • Oh my, you did get a bit of snow!! Glad you are all fine–thanks for sharing the pics!

  • Kp

    So glad you and your little ladies survived – I wish you a speedy thaw!

  • Oh my word!! That's a LOT of snow!!

  • Thanks for hosting. Those pictures are an amazing comparison! I have to say I kinda prefer the springtime ones as I'm looking out at my own snow. I just can't get warm today!

  • So much snow! I have been amazed at all the East coast blizzard photos. I hope everyone gets there power back soon, that must be miserable. Around here our biggest worry has just been a little frost in the garden, but a lot of my plants aren't used to getting any frost, living in SoCal on the west coast.

    Thanks for the invite and hosting the blog hop. I loved checking out some fun new blogs last week that I never stumbled on to on my own.

  • I am glad you all made it through the storm ! We had the same storm hit us a few days before and now the snow here is melting temps are rising a bit and rain for tomorrow afternoon . The weather has really been wacky this year ! Thanks for hosting the blog hop . Have a good day and a Happy Valentines day !

  • Glad y'all fared well. I hope the coming few days give your area some relief. Blessings…

  • My post this week is quite fitting to your conditions right now. Glad to hear you and yours are fine. Aren't winter storms such Fun!!?!

  • Thank you everyone for your sweet comments and your link-ups to this week's hop. You are such an inspiration!~Melissa